2017 Gallery

Shambhala 2017 was truly special as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Thank you for 20 years of amazing music, dance, art, dedication, connection, experience, adventure and more! We couldn’t have done it without you.


Shambhala Music Festival wants to give a big thanks to all the talented photographers and videographers that do an incredible job at capturing the festival, farm life, and the Shambhala Experience.

2017 Videographers

Shambhala Films Crew:

  • Director: Nick Waggoner - Sweetgrass Productions
  • Coordinating Producer: Zac Ramras - Sweetgrass Productions
  • Director of Photography: Michael Brown - Sweetgrass Productions
  • Eliel Hindert
  • Kuba Wiatrak
  • Alexandra Knowles
  • Zachary Moxley
  • Jason Mannings
  • Aaron LaRocque
  • Aaron Whitley
  • Eva Brownstein
  • Jordan Seldin
  • Zac Ramras
  • Kyle Metzger
  • Greg "Soundo" Picard
  • Donovan Ackerman
  • Jasmin Caton
  • Nic Godri
  • Sarah Miles


  • Rebel Cause Films
    • Brandon Cruz Bebe
    • Mike Stibbard
    • Cody Goodridge
    • Kat Clifford
    • Nik Camargo
    • Garett Hartwick
    • Travis Payne
    • Mary Miskelly
  • DJ Vibe

Photo and Video

We welcome Photographers & Videographers to apply and capture the true essence of the Shambhala Experience at Canada's Premier Electronic Music Festival.

Kevin McGovern

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