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The Shambhala Experience

Choose your own adventure

Over the past twenty years, Shambhala Music Festival has proven itself to be a wonderland filled with not only groundbreaking sounds and trends, but also as the host to a community that embraces guests from all walks of life; allowing attendees to truly feel as though they have found a place they can call home each year. Escaping the commotion of the big city, guests are welcomed with open arms into the beautiful Kootenay Mountains as they embark on an adventure they won’t easily forget.

Throughout the evolution of the festival, one clear value has remained constant; to continue to be the backdrop for an unparalleled experience. Believing in the power of nature, synchronicity, and the moments in between, Shambhala can promise that what is felt on the Ranch is not within the realm of ordinary.

Shambhala Music Festival has provided the tools needed for your adventure, how you choose to embark on your experience is up to you. Whether getting lost on the Farm is what it takes to find yourself, or amongst the rush you find a stillness within, your journey is how you make it. So pause, take a deep breath, and let the magic of Shambhala Music Festival navigate you through the endless possibilities.

Art, Workshops, Yoga

As the sun sets over the mountains, nighttime on the Farm becomes an enchanting frenzy of colors and sounds as world-renowned artists deliver a musical performance that is sure to leave all those in attendance in awe. But what sets Shambhala Music Festival apart is what takes place when the sun begins to rise, some could argue daytime on the Ranch is just as mesmerizing as the nighttime.

BASScamp Art Gallery

BASScamp is Shambhala Music Festival’s central art hub—the hard to miss geodesic dome is a Shambhala Music Festival landmark, and houses an awe-inspiring gallery in the heart of “Downtown” Shambhala. Come and immerse yourself in the creative works of incredible artists gathered from near and far.

A full listing of featured artists TBA.



Feed your mind and your soul with The Grove’s workshop series at the Cedar Lounge. With a range of topics and experiences offered, there is sure to be a workshop that captivates your attention.

Schedule and workshop descriptions TBA.



Let the soulful yoga classes offered on the Farm allow you to find an inner peace that will ground you for a weekend of dancing and soul-searching. With nature as your yoga studio, allow the stillness overcome you and embody the feeling of pure relaxation before the nighttime can begin.

Classes daily at the Yoga Garden, Thursday through Sunday plus special classes at stages. Schedules TBA.

For full descriptions and times visit our app 


Attendee-Organized Events

The core of Shambhala Music Festival isn’t the carefully crafted lineup or the beautifully structured stages, it is the guests that turn the festival into a community, where acceptance and love bloom. Attendee Organized Events take place throughout the weekend, and whether it is Day Onesie or a Sailor Scout meetup, each and every one creates a place where attendees have the chance to form lasting friendships and share their creativity with one another.

Organize your own workshops, costume days and more! It is the collective experience that bonds each Farmily member together, and Shambhala Music festival encourages guests to take an idea and turn it into a reality.

It’s as simple as having an idea setting up a Facebook event. Post it in the Shambhala Facebook Group to invite others and email marketing@shambhalamusicfestival.com to submit to our Attendee-Organized Events Guide.


Found amongst the stages and vendors, are one-of-a-kind attractions that enhance attendees Shambhala Music Festival adventure in their own special way. Each year guests welcome back past favorites as well as have the chance to experience new attractions that will soon become part of their annual Shambhala Music Festival Tradition.


Shambhala Music Festival is a place where lovers can meet and friendships blossom, so what better way to tie the knot to your Shambhalove than with the sounds of bass music echoing through the Kootenay Mountains at the picturesque wedding chapel. Whether you’re saying “I do” to your soulmate or festie bestie, let Shambhala Music Festival be the backdrop for your special moment.

Keep in mind the wedding chapel is on a first come first serve basis and all those in attendance at the ceremony will need to have a ticket to the festival. As well, Shambhala Music Festival does not provide an officiant, a photographer, or food; giving you the freedom to be as creative as you wish for these elements!



Let the spirit animal wheel become a part of your annual Shambhala Music Festival Tradition!  Spin the wheel and discover your Salmo River Ranch Spirit Animal. The Shambhala Green River Collective created the wheel featuring animals that live in the habitat surrounding the Salmo River.

Once you’ve matched with your animal, see if you can spot the signs around the Farm featuring your animal spirit. When you see one, scan the area for any trash—wrappers, cigarette butts or other “MOOP” (Matter Out Of Place) and pick it up. Honour your spirit animal by leaving its habitat cleaner than you found it.



Put on your Shambhala Best and let your freak flag fly. Join us for the annual Shambhala Music Festival Parade. Freaks, fairies, furries and flailers of all shapes, sizes and stripes are welcome. Don’t worry about what to wear—put on the costume that shows your “truest you” and join the party.

With each year capturing the essence of Shambhala Music Festival while radiating infectious energy that bounces among the roads of Downtown, be sure to keep an eye for details on this event you will not want to miss.



The Shambhala Music festival Wish Tree embraces guests with its deep-rooted bark and lush green leafs leaving them with a sense of warmth and openness. Share your wishes for yourself, loved ones, or the world while visiting the Wish Tree. With positivity and kindness hanging from its branches in the form of handwritten notes, the Wish tree invites you to sit down and take a minute to reflect on all there is to be thankful for.

Food And Artisan Market

The Shambhala Music Festival experience does not end when one leaves the stages, but rather the aromas of deliciously cooked food and the sparkle of handcrafted jewelry welcome guests into an entirely new adventure of the senses.

The Artisan Market is a shopping experience like no other. With clothing designed so thoughtfully they are a work of art themselves, positioned beside cozy furry hoods and essential oils so aromatic they transport you to another world, it may be hard to leave the market once you have entered.

Every food vendor on site is hand-picked for Shambhala Music Festival, each one providing above and beyond service as well as food that will leave customers wishing they had access to the meal all year round. Treat your tastebuds to whatever you may be craving, from leafy greens to deep-fried goodness.

Shambhala’s Own Food And Beverage

Experience festival eats like you never have before. Shambhala Music Festival has a range of dishes to excite your taste buds. 

Treat yourself to:  

Blaze Burgers
Nightowl Cafe
Farm Phresh Smoothies
Oink BBQ
Lemon Hut
Pasta Joint

Theme Camps

Shambhala Music Festival is home to the eccentric and innovative, and each year theme camps embody this by pushing the boundaries and creating experiences that guests will never forget.

Each camp radiates a one-of-a-kind warmth and transforms the site into the perfect setting for strangers to become friends. Stop by, chat, chill out, or participate in games, workshops and other fun events hosted by each camp.

Want to create your own Theme Camp? Applications open soon. 

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