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A reserved, shady campsite waiting for your expedited arrival!

Thank you to all of our ShambhaLodgers for 2017!

All ShambhaLodging packages  for Shambhala 2017 have been sold. We’ll see you all at the farm in August.

Are you travelling to come to Shambhala? Don’t have any space in your vehicle for camping gear? Want to skip the holding lots during entry? Just want the peace of mind of having a reserved space in the trees? Our four different Lodging packages add the little bit of extra comfort and assistance in helping provide a smooth experience for you when coming to the festival. Order from our ticket page here.

Our ShambhaLodging space is a monitored camping area in the forest of the Salmo River Ranch. Each campsite is levelled and landscaped to ensure a comfortable, shady place to set up your tent with your Lodging guest and enjoy your Shambhala experience. With only a four to five minute walk to the Pagoda stage, it offers a bit of tranquility from the excitement of the festival, while still being located close to the action. Our lodging hosts are available 24 hours a day during the festival to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience.

All guests who purchase a ShambhaLodging package will receive the following added benefits:

  • Complimentary early entry fees for themselves and another guest within the same vehicle (a value of up to $160). Central Park lodgers will enjoy complimentary early entry for up to four guests with them in the vehicle.
  • Expedited gate entry through our VIP entry lane.
  • A reserved campsite within our ShambhaLodging zone
  • Complimentary parking for one vehicle within our nearby ShambhaLodging parking lot. Fancy Pants and Central Park lodgers are allowed to park at their campsite
  • Access to our friendly ShambhaLodging hosts 24 hours a day
  • Port-a-potties located nearby

Available Packages

Campsite Only

Our campsite only packages provide you with a 10’ x 10’ campsite in which to set up your own tent. No camping gear is included with this package, so you will need to bring everything you need with you to ensure an enjoyable camping experience. Make sure to measure your tent before you come as it will need to fit within a 10’ x 10’ space.



If you don’t want to lug in your tent and air mattress, our BASSics package offers all the perks of our Campsite Only package with an added tent and air mattress setup and waiting for you on your arrival, you just need to bring your pillows and bedding with you, or you can purchase them as an upgrade during checkout.


Fancy Pants

A full camp setup in a luxurious 10’ x 12’ canvas tent. This package includes all the amenities, a deluxe air mattress, bedding, two lawn chairs, cooler, water jug, free showers, and parking directly at your campsite.


Central Park

RV site hookups right in the middle of downtown. Bring your RV / Trailer and enjoy 30amps of power, daily freshwater refill and sani-dump. All of this in the middle of the action with your trailer right next door to the Pagoda stage.
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Please notify the Lodging Manager at lodging@shambhalamusicfestival.com if you would like to identify any health concerns or disabilities. We will make sure we reserve a campsite that is suitable to your needs.

Thank you to all our Lodgers

All lodging packages are sold out

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