The Village

The Village

All Things Bass

The Village Stage is an experience unlike any other, with an immersive environment that weaves through intricately decorated paths that further connect into the treehouse walkways of your childhood dreams. These walkways weave and intertwine around the entirety of The Village’s terrain, encircling an impressive area where revellers can dance and undulate the pulsing baselines provided by PK Sound. The main stage is adorned with a massive eighty-foot tall geodesic structure that encompasses a chandelier-like roof, below of which you will find the world’s greatest talents in both the electronic and analog realms. Giant video totems, as well as removable video façades, adorn the main stage and add a dynamic artistic complement to the performances that are revealed each night. One can’t help but be transported to a realm of science fiction as the entire stage is decorated in an ancient tribal dialect, which has remained mostly a mystery…with one exception; a recurring glyph that has been roughly translated as “Krinkoia”. Experts believe this was an ancient tribe of aliens that may have crash-landed on Earth many ages ago, that perhaps The Village was a place of their worship…a place of togetherness. Read more about the Village Stage here.



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