The Village

The Village

All Things Bass

Turn your attention to the full stage nestled under an 80’ half geodesic structure where you will find the most amazing artists this world, or any other, has to offer. DJs, breakdancers, performance art, turntablists, MC’s, aerialists, the Village has it all. As you enter this supernatural, sci-fi, Tiki town tucked away at the back of Shambhala, you are surrounded by not only intense bass and blissful beats, but tree forts interconnected by catwalks and bridges surrounding the dance floor that shape the upper and outer edges of our Village. Pulsing spires and rooftops depict an ancient dialect of the now extinct Krinkoia, extra-terrestrial travelers who touched down to call this place home some million years ago.. If that wasn’t enough 200,000watts of premium PK Sound will be sure to get your blood pumping….or your body shaking! Return to your favourite monument to bass and immerse yourself into the deep rumbling tones and stomp to that PK beat with your village tribe.


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