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Situated in the downtown core at Shambhala, the Amp Stage will be your initial dancefloor offering as you arrive home. Flanked by lush gardens on one side and our beloved vendors on the other, this zone is a hub of activity day and night. Our large shaded area is a welcome respite for daytime listeners searching for a change of pace. As night falls, party-goers are invited to feast on our PK Sound system, visual environment, and mind-altering stage performances. All styles and sounds are represented here, we don’t judge!


Fractal Forest

The Funk Lives

Fractal Forest, The Funkiest Show On Earth, is a magical journey on a mothership through space, time and the universe of all things funky. Let yourself go, as you are transported to another dimension where you are surrounded with great times, warm smiles and body moving sounds of bliss. 23 years in the making, Fractal Forest will be raising the bar once again this year, adding to this truly unique experience unlike any other in the Solar System…Please join us on this sacred trip of enchanted enlightenment.


The Grove

Home of the Gnomies

Deep in the Shambhala forest lies a special place that has quietly evolved over the years. A welcoming dance floor surrounded by towering cedar trees, lush pathways, creative installations and cool forest lounge areas. The Grove is an invitation to immerse yourself in a fully interactive environment that celebrates music and dance amongst BC’s natural setting. The organic stage orientation provides a beautiful backdrop to our renowned music line up and theatrical performance art. After sunset, The Grove transforms with full spectrum Funktion-one sound and state of the art lighting designed to enliven and free the senses. Alongside the dance floors – festival goers will undoubtedly be drawn to the Grove Art Gallery, Tea Hive and Cedar Lounge.



The Living Room

At the beach stage, you can, kick off your shoes, make yourself at home, and cool down in the sacred waters of the Salmo River. Enjoy the familiar, chilled-out Living Room vibe that wraps its arms around you at the most crucial times–whether it be a short break from the madness during

peak party hours or some sunny relaxing riverside with your friends.  Many people call Shambhala ‘home’ and every home has a Living Room: A comfort space where you can relax and host friends and family. We continue to bring groove-based dance music to the beach. 

Disco funk soul and rare groove fun by day, transforms by sunset into a mix of even heavier grooves, tasteful house vibes and all other sorts of electronic obscura-teaze, showcasing some absolute legends in the dance music scene. Enjoy a bumpin’ PK system with a full array of LED panel visuals, lights, and lasers. The Living Room is a candy buffet for the senses. Come meet your new best friends under the sister cedars and see first hand why ‘We love lamp!’


The Pagoda

Lit Up

The Pagoda is a temple of myth, lore, and legend. The seven-story house of worship has been designed by the Pagoda stage Druids as a symbol of the collective love felt by the people who gather to connect with each other at Shambhala.  It is said that when dancing beneath the Pagoda people can also connect with their true selves. The Pagoda channels the energy released by people’s fears, anxieties, insecurities and negative emotions, completely destroying them and leaving nothing but a feeling of love and connectedness among its people.  In this process, the Pagoda transforms into almost anything you can imagine. Mystikal creatures, Gothic temples, spirits, animals. We have even seen it change into a hamburger. Pagoda is setting the bar for the future and the past of dance music. It’s timeless connection with the global musical journey is meeting here for you under the trees at Shambhala.



The Village

All Things Bass

The Village Stage is an experience unlike any other, with an immersive environment that weaves through intricately decorated paths that further connect into the treehouse walkways of your childhood dreams. These walkways weave and intertwine around the entirety of The Village’s terrain, encircling an impressive area where revellers can dance and undulate the pulsing baselines provided by PK Sound. The main stage is adorned with a massive eighty-foot tall geodesic structure that encompasses a chandelier-like roof, below of which you will find the world’s greatest talents in both the electronic and analog realms. Giant video totems, as well as removable video façades, adorn the main stage and add a dynamic artistic complement to the performances that are revealed each night. One can’t help but be transported to a realm of science fiction as the entire stage is decorated in an ancient tribal dialect, which has remained mostly a mystery…with one exception; a recurring glyph that has been roughly translated as “Krinkoia”. Experts believe this was an ancient tribe of aliens that may have crash-landed on Earth many ages ago, that perhaps The Village was a place of their worship…a place of togetherness. Read more about the Village Stage here.



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