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Getting Here

Fun Fact: During the festival, Shambhala Music Festival becomes the largest city in the West Kootenay.  

Shambhala Music Festival is held on the Salmo River Ranch, a beautiful refuge of forest and farm hidden away in the Salmo River valley in the West Kootenay region of Southern British Columbia.

The nearest gas station, grocery stores and restaurants are in Salmo, BC (approximately 12km from the festival site).

For greater food and shopping selection, we recommend visiting nearby Nelson, BC (47 km from the festival site) and Shambhala’s own Savoy Hotel, featuring 12 boutique hotel rooms with a rooftop hot tub and indoor cedar sauna.

Bloom Nightclub is also located below the hotel - please visit their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Make sure you fill up on gas before you arrive at Shambhala to make sure you have enough fuel for leaving the festival on Monday.

Transportation to Shambhala

 Update for COVID-19: Canadian Entry Laws are constantly evolving. If you have any questions about crossing the border, you can visit CBSA’s website.

Border Crossings

Here are a few tips for international travel:

  • You need a valid Passport to enter Canada
  • Travel insurance is always recommended when visiting another country
  • Check with your phone carrier for information about travel packages and fees before departure
  • If you have a DUI in the USA, it’s unlikely that Canada Border Services will allow you into Canada
  • If you have any questions about crossing the border, you can visit CBSA’s website

Nearest Border Crossings

  • Nelway – 11.7 miles to festival site. Open 8am-4pm daily. Nelway experiences heavy traffic around Shambhala and can be backed up by up to 3-4 hours. Depending on your point of origin, we recommend considering other crossings in Alberta or Coastal BC.
  • Waneta – 34.1 miles to festival site. Open 9am – 5pm daily.
  • Paterson – 49 miles to festival site. OPEN 24 HOURS

Click here for a full list of CAD/US border crossings

Preparing for the Drive

Shambhala Music Festival is accessible by a dirt road off Highway 3, 6 km east of Salmo, BC. Your vehicle should be in good working order, the road can be rough. RCMP roadblocks on the way into Salmo are common during the festival, and your car may be taken off the road if it does not meet safety standards.

We recommend you fill your gas tank before you enter the festival grounds and clean or replace your air filter before heading home, these roads are dusty!


Shambhala encourages carpooling to lessen the impact of vehicles on the farm. These resources can help you make ride connections.

The closest airports are:

  • Trail, BC – Flights available through Pacific Coastal Airlines – 43 km, approx 50 minutes drive to festival site – Regional Airport (flights from Vancouver South Terminal Only)
  • Castlegar, BC – 44 km, approx 50 minutes drive to festival site – Regional Airport – Flights available through Air Canada
  • Cranbrook, BC – 197 km, approx 2.5 hr drive to festival site – Int’l Airport (plus time change)
  • Spokane, WA, USA – 169 mi, approx 3.5 hr drive to festival site – Int’l Airport (plus Border Crossing time, recommended route via Paterson shown, 24 hr crossing)

With all options, additional ground travel arrangements must be made from the airport. Consider festival shuttles, rideshares or car rental.


Arrival and Entry

Each ticket must be assigned to a unique name and email address. If you have extra tickets on your User Portal, you will need to transfer them to your friends prior to arriving at the gate.

Be prepared

Wait times to get into the festival are variable and difficult to predict. It could be as little as a few minutes (more likely from Friday onwards) or several hours. If you arrive for Early Entry, be prepared for long wait times (between 6 and 12 hours) as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our highest volume entry days.

Come prepared for the heat of the day. We recommend having sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, appropriate clothing for day and night temperatures, lots of water (4L per person), at least one substantial meal, and snacks. For extra comfort, consider keeping a couple ice packs and a spray bottle (to mist yourself and others) in your cooler. Above all be patient, you’re only moments away from home.

Early Entry

Want to secure a great camp spot close to the stages and beat the rush? Get settled, chill out by the pristine Salmo River, and as you await, our six stages come to life.

Guests are welcome to arrive early from Tuesday at 6:00 AM onwards, but must purchase an Early Entry Pass (all General Admission tickets include entry from Friday 8:00 AM PST).

When coming to the ranch, be prepared to pay the Early Entry admission fee at the time you arrive at the bottom of the farm road. Early admission is collected in cash as you enter into the festival and cannot be purchased in advance. 

The Gate will be open for 24 hours a day starting on Tuesday July 18 at 6:00 AM. Guests are not permitted to arrive earlier than this.

The early entry fee schedule (per person) for 2023 will be announced in the coming months.

Security Check

Every vehicle is subject to a thorough security check. Please see Banned Items.


Yes. Shambhala is 19+. 19 is the Age of Majority in the province of British Columbia. Regardless of the laws in your home province, country or state, you are not considered an adult in BC until you are 19. No exceptions. ID’s will be checked.

For 2023, early entry begins Tuesday, July 18 at 6:00 AM (PST). When coming to the ranch, be prepared to pay the Early Entry Admission Fee in effect at the time you arrive at the bottom of the farm road.

Please note that any guests arriving BEFORE 6am Tuesday morning will be moved into a holding lot and will be processed AFTER those who arrive at the designated time. Guests must not park on, or block the highway. This impedes the safety of our guests on the highway and non-festival traffic coming through the area.

Early Entry pricing offsets the costs of additional staffing and service levels for the extra festival days (including the recent extension of Monday through Tuesday morning post-show to allow guests a good night’s sleep on Monday).

Shambhala Music Festival has not created the rule that states you may not sleep overnight at a rest stop. The RCMP have stated that rest stops are designated for a quick rest (around an hour or so) they are not meant for campsites. If you choose to sleep overnight at a designated rest stop it will not be Shambhala Music Festival that approaches you, it will be the RCMP. As for our holding pen, you will be placed there if you arrive before 8am on Tuesday and have lined up on the highway. You may be approached by the RCMP too.

No, guests may only arrive after Tuesday at 6:00 AM (PST).


  • It places a strain on the surrounding towns and their residents.
  • It burdens our teams who cannot accommodate you earlier than expected.
  • Guests must not park on or block the highway. This impedes the safety of our guests on the highway and non-festival traffic coming through the area.

Please note that any guests arriving BEFORE 6am Tuesday morning will be moved into a holding lot and will be processed AFTER those who arrive at the designated time.

2022 Map

What to Pack

Packing List

The best way to find out what to pack is to talk to people who have been before. You can reach out on any of our social media channels. The Shambhala Music Festival Farmily Facebook Group is a great place to connect and reach out to past attendees for tips!

Or download Rave Mom's Packing List

Below find some general tips for packing:

  • Camping Gear – Tent, chairs, sleeping bag, tarp, shade structure etc.
  • Bandana – For dust
  • Sunglasses
  • Water containers – For camp, and while you are out dancing. Free water is available with your own vessel
  • Jacket – It gets very cold here at night
  • Backpack – Cut down on trips to camp by bringing items with you
  • Food – Our vendors have all sorts of delicious food to offer once you get into the festival, however, you might need food while waiting to get into the festival. There is very limited food available prior to the front gates
  • Biodegradable shampoos and sunscreens
  • Flashlight – Outside of the Downtown Area there is limited lighting
  • Comfortable footwear – The ground is uneven and rugged. You may be covering long distances by foot, so be sure to have a good pair of walking shoes with you
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Bicycles - Yes, we encourage guests to bring pedal-powered transportation! We strongly recommended a bike lock if you bring a bike. There are bike racks available Downtown. No rentals are available onsite.

Banned Items

Shambhala Music Festival is an alcohol-free event. Any found in searches will be confiscated and dumped. Not only does the no alcohol policy make the festival safer – it creates a better vibe.

No campfires or open flames of any kind are permitted on the Salmo River Ranch. It is extremely dry during the summer and provincial fire bans are regularly in effect. Do not bring candles, fireworks, fire poi/hoops/other fire toys, fuel (white gas), tiki torches, propane-powered heaters or propane campfires. You may bring cooking devices (Jet boil, propane camp stoves) but please exercise caution when cooking.

We encourage you to use LED and solar light options to light up your camp at night.

Smokers, please ensure you bring a pocket ashtray or other small container to dispose of butts. Do not toss your butts on the ground, it could easily start a fire.

All types of liquid fuel in open-nozzle containers are banned, including white gas, kerosene, gasoline in jerry cans, and any other forms of combustible liquid fuel. Refillable propane tanks are permitted.

Propane or butane cookstoves and containers are permitted. Do not leave camp stoves unattended. Gas-powered fire pits, barbecues, and anything else with an open flame are banned and will be confiscated.

Use of generators, including those built into RVs are prohibited at Shambhala Music Festival. Generators create noise and air pollution, and are not suited for our tightly-packed campgrounds.

There is no public access to electricity for personal care (ie: hair dryers) at the Salmo River Ranch. You can charge your phone at the General Store.

If you need electricity to charge your electric wheelchair, or have another medical device that requires power, please contact us at so we can arrange access for you. View info on ShambAbled Camping below in the Camping and Parking section.

Glass is banned to protect our guests, as well as our beloved cows, horses, ponies, donkeys and dogs who roam the Salmo River Ranch before and after the festivities. Banned glass items include large mirrors, drink containers, decorative glassware, etc.

Small jars of food (jam, condiments, pickles) are ok, but must be kept inside your camp, though we do recommend transferring these items into small, reusable containers.

No handheld laser pointers are permitted. Laser pointers can very seriously damage someone’s vision, they do not belong on the dancefloor at eye level.

Matters involving illegal substances will be turned over to the RCMP.

Only authorized Shambhala Music Festival drivers can operate motorized vehicles during the festival. The motorized vehicle ban includes minibikes, golf carts, ATVs, dirtbikes, and any other motorized items. We encourage pedal-powered transportation. Bring your bike.

Drones, quadcopters, and other magical flying machines are also banned, and will be confiscated by security if found.

Festivals are not a suitable environment for pets. Leave your pet at home in the care of someone who loves them or make other boarding arrangements. Kennels in the West Kootenay area book up very quickly for the summer months, so be sure to make arrangements for your pet well in advance if you want them to stay in our area. Guests who arrive with a pet (including dogs, cats, birds, rats, etc) will not be given access to the festival, no exceptions.

Legally recognized service animals are permitted, but must be pre-registered with us and must be approved by the landowners prior to arrival. Additionally, all service animals attending the festival must be certified in BC, even if they do not reside here. More information is available here

Emotional support animals, therapy animals, and comfort animals are NOT permitted.

Weapons of any kind are not permitted at Shambhala Music Festival. This includes machetes, knives (including swiss army knives / leatherman tools with blades), swords, guns, axes, baseball bats, etc. Anything that could potentially harm another guest can be considered a weapon. Cooking knives must be under 6 inches.

At Shambhala Music Festival we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind. If you display images or symbols that represent hate, including but not limited to signs, totems, flags or attire, you will be immediately asked to leave.

We welcome each and every human being with open arms on the farm regardless of their ability, sexual orientation, gender, sex, age, race, colour, ancestry, aboriginal status, ethnic origin, place of origin, citizenship, marital and family status, immigrant status, political affiliation, religious affiliation, creed, level of literacy, or language.

If guests notice any signs, totems, etc that display concerning messaging as mentioned above, please notify a Shambhala Music Festival staff member immediately.

Granted that it is not alcohol, drugs or paraphernalia, we will do our best to return confiscated items after the show. However, there is 100% no guarantee that you will get your items back. Shambhala Music Festival does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items. We have hundreds and hundreds of banned items checked into our front gate. With our staff dropping to almost nothing by the end of the show, these items become hard to manage and may go missing. The best way to guarantee these items don’t go missing or get damaged, is to not bring them in the first place.

Synthetic feathers and boas are an environmental hazard and classify as MOOP (Matter Out of Place). These items tend to fall apart very easily and the synthetic feathers are very difficult to clean up. Any garbage that can’t be picked up by us is usually eaten by the cows, which can be harmful to their health. Please leave your synthetic feathers and boas at home.

Indigenous Headdresses are banned from the festival grounds. If you are seen wearing one you will be asked to remove it immediately.

We ask that you refrain from bringing totems that contain:

  • Profanity
  • Explicit imagery
  • Messages of discrimination

If you are found with an offensive totem, security reserves the right to remove it, and you will be asked to leave.

2023 Vehicle Camping and Parking

2023 Vehicle Camping Pricing to be announced in the coming months.

All GA tickets include Free Tent Camping in any zone, along with leaving your vehicle in our Free Parking Lot. We encourage guests to leave their vehicles in Free Parking and use the free shuttle to transport their gear to their desired camp zone. Alternatively, guests may bring a cart or means of transferring their gear to their campsite.

If you’d like to camp with your vehicle, RV, or trailer, you’ll need to buy a car camping decal on-site upon arrival, cash only. 

Vehicle camping decals are only available on-site and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a parking pass for your desired camp zone as space is limited. Decals must be applied to the vehicle by an authorized Shambhala Music Festival representative at the time of purchase. No advance sales of vehicle decals are permitted.

Other Camping Options

NO CARS IN METTA. Tent camping only.

Are you travelling from a distance and interested in a reserved camping site? Don’t have any space in your vehicle for camping gear? Want to skip the holding lots during entry or just want the peace of mind?

ShambhaLodging is our premium camping service, offering reserved campsites in the shady, wooded ShambhaLodging zone. Arrive with the certainty that you have a spot reserved and not needing to rush for your site. When requested and if possible, we will try our best to get you camped close to other friends who have also chosen Shambhalodging. We offer five different full-service camping packages that add extra comfort and assistance in providing a smooth experience for you. Avoid the hassle. Book lodging.

Explore on-site accommodation options here.

Shambha-Abled camping for persons with disabilities is available and located near Downtown Shambhala for close and convenient access. Power access is available for charging motorized wheelchairs or operating other medical devices. For further information, or inquiries into our Shambha-Abled campground, contact

Please note that our deadline for accepting registrations for our Shambha-abled Campground is June 20th, 2023. We are unable to accommodate additional guest registrations in Shambha-abled after this time.

Nestled between the stages and workshops that take place over the course of Shambhala Music Festival, is Camp Synergy (formerly known as Camp Clean Beats). Working alongside the Harm Reduction Team, Camp Synergy is a sober-supportive space where ravers choosing to abstain from substances (including alcohol) are welcomed with open arms! Whether you're stopping by for a quick visit or you decide to make Camp Synergy your home base through the duration of the festival, this team offers a safe space and community for sober ravers, including peer-based recovery support and daily meetings for those interested.

Camp Synergy welcomes all methods, intentions, and durations of sobriety while prioritizing the ultimate support and safety of the collective within our camping space.

How do I join the camp?

Availability is first come, first serve. We ask that all camp participants fill out our Registration Form. If you have any questions contact

Getting Home

To ensure that all of our guests get home safely and in a timely manner, Shambhala Music Festival asks that you are prepared.


Here are some tips for a safe drive home:

  • Plan a Designated Driver, especially if you have to leave on the Monday. As designated driver you commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep before departure. Prepare for police roadblocks on your way out.
  • Schedule a departure time – this makes it much easier to follow through with Step 1!
  • Designate a co-pilot who’ll stay awake with the driver. As co-pilot it’s your job to engage your driver and watch for signs of sleepiness behind the wheel.
  • Consider local hotel/motel/camping options if you have a long drive home ahead of you. If you plan on staying in Nelson, Salmo, or Castlegar be sure to book ahead. Places are usually booked out in advance to the festival.

We love you all, and encourage you to take these steps when leaving our festival, or any festival.


We welcome all guests of Shambhala Music Festival to check out Bloom Nightclub in beautiful Nelson, BC.

Bloom Nightclub is an extension of Shambhala’s commitment to providing you incredible music and ambiance, and a great place to decompress after your time on the farm. Keep the Shambhala vibes alive at Bloom — and stay tuned for après Shambhala event updates. 

For more information on visiting Nelson, head to the Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism website here

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