Shambhala Ticketing Arrival Info

Before you begin your journey Home, please ensure you have read and understand how to claim your Welcome Pass, and how to transfer your additional tickets.

If you have already transferred your additional tickets and claimed your personal Welcome Pass, please disregard this message and start packing for your trip Home!

How to Transfer Your Extra Tickets

If you have more than 1 ticket in your user portal, you will need to transfer it to a trusted buyer or friend, prior to arriving to the farm.

Step 1: Log into your User Portal using the email associated with your order

Step 2: Click the “Start a Transfer Button” in your User Portal

Step 3: Fill in the new individual’s legal name, email address and phone #

Step 4: Double check that you’ve entered the transfer information correctly, especially the email you are transferring the item to. Transfers cannot be undone

Step 5: Enter the number of tickets you would like to transfer to the contact you have just added, then click “Make Transfer”

Step 6: Read and confirm the conditions by checking both boxes and then clicking “Yes”. This will complete your transfer

Step 7: If the transfer was successful, you will see a window pop up on your screen confirming it was successful and both parties will receive a transfer confirmation email

Step 8: Please check your junk, spam, and promotions folders for your transfer confirmation email if it doesn’t show up in your main inbox

Watch the Transfer Tutorial Video HERE.

How to Claim Your Welcome Pass

Only follow the steps listed below if you plan on using the ticket in your user portal. Any claimed tickets (Welcome Pass) are locked into your name and cannot be transferred again.

Step 1: Log into your User Portal using the email associated with your order

Step 2: Click the drop down arrow beside “Your Ticket” near the top of the portal and select the ticket you would like to use for your personal entry into the event

Step 3: Carefully review and agree to the Festival Terms and Conditions before clicking off the boxes. Items that have been claimed cannot be transferred

Step 4: Once you have transferred your extra tickets and agreed to the Festival Terms and Conditions, click “Claim Your Welcome Pass” button

Step 5: You will be brought to a new tab where you will find your Welcome Pass and QR Code

Step 6: You will need to print or download your newly claimed Welcome Pass. Please ensure your QR code is readily available for when you arrive to the check-in gates for a smooth entry to the event.

Step 7: Congratulations! You’re officially on your way Home.

Step 8: If you claimed a ticket that you were intending to transfer to someone else, you can un-claim your ticket, and begin the transfer process.

If you have more than 1 ticket in your user portal, it must be transferred to the person who plans to use the ticket prior to arriving to the farm in order to avoid being placed in the Ticket Issue Holding Lot.

Watch the Claim Your Welcome Pass Tutorial HERE

Watch the UN-Claim Your Welcome Pass Tutorial HERE

Troubleshooting Issues

Experiencing Portal Issues? We’ve got you!
Please see the troubleshooting tips below that can help you access the portal.

Tip 1: Try accessing the portal from a different browser, if you’ve been using Chrome, try Safari, or Firefox or vice-versa.

Tip 2: Does your browser or device need updating? This may be preventing you from accessing the portal and bouncing you out.

Tip 3: Maybe it’s the device you are using. If you’ve been trying on your desktop, try your phone, or vice-versa.

Tip 4: Try clearing your cache, restarting your computer, and logging into this link: from an incognito or private browser window.

We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!

Wishing the Farmily Safe Travels & A Happy Shambhala.

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