Salmo River Ranch Update

If you’ve been to Shambhala Music Festival before you’ll know that all the magic starts on the beautiful Salmo River Ranch. During the year the Salmo River Ranch is home to cows, horses, pigs, chickens and even miniature donkeys. It’s also where we nurture much of the farm-to-table produce that our guests enjoy at the festival’s various food venues. Once August rolls around this very special farm transforms to the largest city in the West Kootenays, and it becomes home to a range of new, even more magical creatures: our Farmily! Our guests, supported by over 2,800 dedicated crew members, breathe a new life force into this temporary city. 

Like a butterfly leaving it’s cocoon and spreading it’s wings, the festival is coming to life. This is, however, no ordinary feat. It takes a huge amount of love and energy to create the space that is Shambhala Music Festival, and for our team the fun has already begun, so we wanted to share it with you. Check out the latest pictures from the Salmo Rover Ranch and the hard working crew, as well as the adorable baby cows and miniature donkeys and get ready to come HOME. 


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