Headliner Alert: The Glitch Mob

Pssst… we’ve got another juicy Shambhala headliner to share with you.

The Village Stage is proud to announce The Glitch Mob. Comprised of ediT, Ooah, and Boreta, The Glitch Mob have been pioneering the bass music scene since their inception in 2006. Meeting at an underground party in Los Angeles, the three instantly kindled a creative chemistry that has led to an illustrious career with multiple albums and one of the most beloved live shows in dance music. The trio has announced their third album will be dropping on May 4th, and also recently released the first single entitled “How Could This Be Wrong.”


The Glitch Mob

It’s been a hot minute since this prolific trio have graced the stages at Shambhala. We caught up with them to ask a few questions.

Glitch Mob formed at Shambhala – Is this fact or fiction?

Boreta: It’s true. We were booked to play back to back individual sets at the living room stage all night and ended up tag teaming and having the best time.
Ooah: It was one of those moments where we all knew we had something special.
edIT: blast off 🚀

When you guys arent touring or working in the studio, what are some of your favorite pastimes?

Boreta: If I’m not in the studio I’m in nature, with my nose in a book, or cooking.
Ooah: Same here, exploring and getting the nature recharge, cooking and being a dog dad.
edIT: Riding moto’s and sending boulder problems

Name a musical guilty pleasure that you have. 

Boreta: I love all kinds of music so much there’s nothing guilty about it for me.
Ooah: To me, if I listen and like something then there is no guilt in that. But maybe Brittany Spears…
edIT: mumble rap

If each of you were a character from South Park, who would be who?

Boreta: Towelie
Ooah: Butters
edIT: Kenny


Shambhala Music Festival’s Full Headliner Release is set to be announced in the coming weeks!

You can find tickets and ShambhaLodging camping packages at www.tickets.shambhalamusicfestival.com

See you on the dancefloor!

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