2022 Pagoda Stage Lineup

2022 Pagoda Stage Lineup

Presenting The Pagoda Stage 2022 Lineup

Who are you most excited to see underneath the stars at the Pagoda? 

Featuring dance music heavy hitters, up and comers, and everything in between, our Pagoda Stage Director has stacked their lineup this year with something for everyone. With the return of some well-loved favourites and the addition of some brand new faces that have yet to grace the farm, we know our Farmily is going to get down at the Pagoda.

So what are you waiting for… tickets are 90% sold out. It’s time to come home!

Blast the 2022 Pagoda Stage Spotify playlist and get ready for #Shambhala2022! 

📸 Nik Molson

The Pagoda Stage

The Pagoda is a temple of myth, lore, and legend. The seven-story house of worship has been designed by the Pagoda stage Druids as a symbol of the collective love felt by the people who gather to connect with each other at Shambhala.  It is said that when dancing beneath the Pagoda people can also connect with their true selves. The Pagoda channels the energy released by people’s fears, anxieties, insecurities and negative emotions, completely destroying them and leaving nothing but a feeling of love and connectedness among its people.  In this process, the Pagoda transforms into almost anything you can imagine. Mystikal creatures, Gothic temples, spirits, animals. We have even seen it change into a hamburger. Pagoda is setting the bar for the future and the past of dance music. It’s timeless connection with the global musical journey is meeting here for you under the trees at Shambhala.

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