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Shambhala Music Festival has a Payment Plan option for those who wish to manage their budget by paying for their ticket(s) by installments over a 3 month period. For the 2019 festival, the Payment Plan option will be available for a limited quantity of GA tickets, so don’t miss out!

Official Shambhala 2018 Aftermovie

"From the absolutely stunning location set in the British Columbian forest to the outstanding sound production and art - Shambhala takes it to a whole new level without crossing into the corporate paradigm"- Andre Fernandez, TRUTH
“The people, the music, the production value, the food, the land, the harm reduction—everything about Shambhala surpassed my expectations, which were already high. It has definitely become one of my all-time favorite festivals and I can't wait to go back!”- Morena Duwe, Mixmag
“Less of the thump thump thump of a typical EDM festival, this event is more lyrical than driven, more dreamy than intense.”- Rolling Stone
“Shambhala is one of those festivals that is hard to put into words—you just have to be there to understand. After years of reading about Shambhala, I experienced it firsthand this month and came to realize that everything I had read in the past was the truth.”- John Ochoa, DJ Mag
"Shambhala is the perfect festival experience: wicked music, friendly people, and one of the most stunning and pristine natural venues in North America"- Bassnectar

News and Updates


The Amphitheater

Fresh Is Best

The AMPhitheatre has been known to host a diverse spectrum of top-quality music and artists over the years. Fuel your bass beatdown with a recently upgraded PK sound system and ridiculously stacked lineup of back-to-back sets. You can be sure you’ll be hearing the newest and most innovative sounds on the planet at The AMPhitheatre this year.


Fractal Forest

The Funk Lives

The Fractal Forest is a funky spaceship that takes its passengers on an epic journey to the 12th dimension and back. It features the funkiest sounds from the greatest DJs from all over the world. All aboard the mothership of funky beats and enter another dimension of sound, visuals and booty-shakin’ good times.


The Grove

Home of the Gnomies

Deep within the Shambhala forest lies a sacred space. In this magical stand of old-growth forest you will find a place of natural solace, a welcoming dance floor surrounded by towering cedar trees, lush pathways, creative art installations and interactive chill zones. After sunset, this organic stage transforms and awakens with a full spectrum sound system and state of the art lighting and visuals designed to enliven and free the senses. Alongside the main stage festival goers will undoubtedly be drawn to the Grove Art Gallery, Tea Hive and Cedar Lounge chill stage. Bliss out to a luscious, auditory canvas of bass, funk, and downtempo electric lullabies, surrounded by ancient cedars.


The Living Room

Koots Roots

Many people call Shambhala ‘home.’ Every home has a Living Room. A comfort space where you can relax and host friends and family. A place to ground down when the chaos of Shambhala cranks up to eleven. Deep Roots, however interpreted, is the feel – organic dubbed out funky soul and rare groove gypsy beach fun by day, transforms by sunset into a mix of even deeper heavier grooves and all other sorts of electronical mysteriousness (all while maintaining in the light). The Pride and family have been nurturing this space for years and there’s a chair in the Salmo River waiting for you. With a completely new stage built last year, expect the same beachy riverside riddims and chilled out-funk vibe.


The Pagoda

Lit Up

The Pagoda has been one of the world’s foremost pioneers of video mapping technology, since the idea first became possible with high-powered, high-definition and has taken a step further with a new stage design for our 20th Anniversary in 2017. Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, be prepared to feast your eyes and ears on an all new revived temple to electro and bass bangers, with experimental video mapping, PK bass bins and 8-watt lasers.


The Village

All Things Bass

Turn your attention to the full stage nestled under an 80’ half geodesic structure where you will find the most amazing artists this world, or any other, has to offer. DJs, breakdancers, performance art, turntablists, MC’s, aerialists, the Village has it all. As you enter this supernatural, sci-fi, Tiki town tucked away at the back of Shambhala, you are surrounded by not only intense bass and blissful beats, but tree forts interconnected by catwalks and bridges surrounding the dance floor that shape the upper and outer edges of our Village. Pulsing spires and rooftops depict an ancient dialect of the now extinct Krinkoia, extra-terrestrial travelers who touched down to call this place home some million years ago.. If that wasn’t enough 200,000watts of premium PK Sound will be sure to get your blood pumping….or your body shaking! Return to your favourite monument to bass and immerse yourself into the deep rumbling tones and stomp to that PK beat with your village tribe.


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