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General Ticket FAQs

Do you have tickets in stores? Where can I find tickets?
Are there other fees?
Do you ship to the US?
Will I get to keep my ticket?
What if my ticket is damaged, lost or stolen?
If I can’t make it to the festival, can I return my ticket for a refund?
I want to purchase a ticket from someone online. Can you tell me if a ticket I found is valid?
Will there be tickets at the gate?

Order FAQs

Can I pay with my credit card?
Can I buy a ticket for a friend or can someone buy a ticket for me with their Paypal account?
My order says ‘pending’. What does that mean?
What does 'unverified’ mean?
I don’t know if my order went through. How can I check?
I didn’t receive a confirmation email but my account was charged
I placed two orders by mistake! What should I do?

Will Call FAQs

What is Will Call?
How do I pick up my ticket from Will Call?
Can a friend or someone I sold my ticket to pick up any tickets under my name at Will Call?

Electronic Delivery FAQs – Click  HERE  for additional information on this service.

What is electronic delivery?
How do I claim my electronic ticket?
Can I switch my order over to home delivery?
Can I transfer my electronic ticket to someone else if I cannot make the festival?
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Shambhala 2018 Tickets Available September 1, 2017

Six unique stages, over 300 acts, free camping, 3 days of fun on the farm.

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