The Shambhala Experience

Welcome to Shambhala, Choose Your Own Adventure

The legacy of Shambhala Music festival is so much more than the music. Over the past twenty years, Shambhala has delighted audiences from around the world offering connection with nature, exposure to groundbreaking new sounds and trends, and a true adventure for attendees from all walks of life.

While it’s safe to say that many things have changed throughout the festival’s evolution, one thing remains the same: the Shambhala Experience is unparalleled.

From its inception, Shambhala has had one simple guiding principle, “It’s all about the people on the dancefloor.”

But it’s also about something bigger than that. It’s about connecting with kindred spirits. It’s about the journey, the synchronicity, and the moments in between.

It’s about your unique experience.

The Shambhala Experience has endless possibilities. Writing your own story. Losing yourself. Finding yourself. Discovering new passions and talents. It’s ecstatic energy. And stillness. It’s falling in love. And just about anything else you can imagine.

There is no wrong way to experience Shambhala. Your path is your own. And it’s yours to discover, along with 11,000 friends. We set the stage, you bring the magic.

We invite you to explore the Shambhala Experience. What adventure will you choose?


Attendee-Organized Events

From costume theme days like “Sailor Scout Saturday”, to a “train tour” for Shambhala virgins, to an LGBTQ+ Tea Party—and more! If you can dream it and organize it, you can do it at Shambhala! Organize your own workshops, costume days and more. Join the many Shambhala attendees who contribute their creativity through facilitating collective experiences. It’s as simple as having an idea setting up a Facebook event. Post it in the Shambhala Facebook Group to invite others and email to submit to our Attendee-Organized Events guide.

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BASScamp Art Gallery

BASScamp is Shambhala’s central art hub—this geodesic dome is a Shambhala landmark and awe-inspiring gallery at the heart of “Downtown” Shambhala. Come and immerse yourself in the creative works of incredible artists from near and far.

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Eno Hammock Lounge

Kick back, relax and enjoy the sounds of The Living Room Stage beneath a shady old growth cedar tree. The Eno Hammock Lounge is a perfect place to catch a quick afternoon nap, meditate, or just rest in the shade and make some new friends. Come get your chill on.

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Fashion Fiasco Fantastico

Come one, come all to The AMPhitheatre for the Fashion Fiasco Fantastico! Marvel as Shambhala Music Festival’s artisan vendors put their boldest, brightest and most beautiful pieces on display. This is festival fashion at its finest!

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Food Vendors and Artisan Market

Shambhala is a treat for all of your senses, and you’ll tickle all of them with our selection of incredible vendors.

The Artisan Market is the ultimate festival shopping experience. You’ll find jewelry that sparkles and shines. Soft furry hoods. Aromatic lotions and potions. Hats, comfy yoga wear, corsets. If you can dream it, you’ll find it in the Artisan Market.

Our food vendors offer a wide range of quality foods, from leafy, green and healthy, to deep fried and delicious. Whatever you’re craving, there’s something to satisfy your hunger.

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The Greater Good Contest

For the first time ever, we’re hosting the “Greater Good Contest” for camps that go above and beyond to contribute to the Shambhala Experience. Whether you’re creating a cozy public space, hosting special events you’ve organized or serving breakfast to the whole neighbourhood every morning, we want to recognize your contribution. Have your camp register as a team with the Shambassadors at BASScamp and show us what you got! All Shambhala ticket-holders are invited to elevate the vibe!

More info here.

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Guest Theme Camps

Guest Theme Camps, located along the main road in the Starlight Camp Zone, bring audience participation to the next level. These camps are vibrant, warm, inviting spaces where all Shambhala attendees are welcome. Stop by, chat, meet new friends or participate in games, workshops and other fun events hosted by each camp!

Want to create your own Theme Camp? Apply here by July 5th, 2017.

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Photo Booth

Strike a pose! Looking and feeling good in your best Shambhala costume? Want to snap a shot with the whole squad? Met the Shambhalove of your life? Capture those precious memories with a professional photo at the photo booth!

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While you’re counting down the days until Shambhala, bring the hype in your hometown! Once again, Shambhala will be partnering with local promoters in sixteen cities throughout Canada and the US. Put on your dancing shoes get ready for some serious Shambhala vibes! The perfect way to get pumped before you hit the road.

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Salmo River Ranch Food & Beverage

Experience festival eats like you never have before. Shambhala Music Festival has a range of gourmet farm-to-plate* dishes to excite your taste buds. Our unique Shambhala food vendors feature Salmo River Ranch raised beef and pork, and the highest-quality fruit and veggies grown on the property or locally sourced from the West Kootenays whenever possible.

Treat yourself to festival food that is local, sustainable and delicious at Blaze Burgers, Oink BBQ, Farm Phresh Smoothies, Night Owl Hot Brews and the Lemon Hut.

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Salmo River Ranch Spirit Animal Wheel

Spin the wheel and discover your Salmo River Ranch Spirit Animal! The Shambhala Green River Collective created this wheel featuring animals that live in the habitat surrounding the Salmo River. Once you’ve matched with your animal, keep an eye out around the farm for signs featuring your animal spirit. When you see one, scan the area for any trash—wrappers, cigarette butts and other “MOOP” (Matter Out Of Place) and pick it up. Honour your spirit animal by leaving its habitat cleaner than you found it.

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Shambhala Art Walk

Art is everywhere at Shambhala. Murals on the sides of buildings, installations throughout “Downtown” and at the stages, and hidden in other nooks and crannies. This year, for the first time ever, we’re bringing the Shambhala art experience together by sharing a self-guided walking tour with our guests. Learn about the installations and the artists who created them as you take an exciting dance-walk through the festival ground!

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Savoy Hotel

We welcome all guests of Shambhala Music Festival to experience The Savoy Hotel in beautiful Nelson, BC before and after the festival. The Savoy is an extension of Shambhala’s commitment to quality and attention to detail; a year-round mountain town resort with influences from your favourite festival.

Start your day with a delicious, locally-sourced breakfast at Farm Fresh Café. Explore Nelson’s shopping and beaches, then as the afternoon wanes, enjoy a cold, refreshing beer from the in-house Savoy Brewing Co at Falls Music Lounge before enjoying a magnificent, locally-sourced dinner. As night falls, keep the Shambhala vibes alive and make your way downstairs to Bloom Nightclub—stay tuned for lead-up and après Shambhala event updates, as we’ve got some top-quality events in the works!

The Savoy Hotel accommodations and rooftop garden patio are scheduled to open in 2018.

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Sunset Parade

Put on your Shambhala Best and let your freak flag fly! Join us for the first annual Shambhala Sunset Parade. Freaks, fairies, furries and flailers of all shapes, sizes and stripes welcome! Don’t worry about what to wear—we want to see you wearing whatever you feel shows the “true you”. More details TBA.

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Wedding Chapel

Ever wanted to get hitched at Shambhala? Now you can! As they say, “couples who rave together, stay together.” Come celebrate Shambhalove and tie the knot surrounded by 11,000 of your closest friends and farmily.

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Wish Tree

If you could have one wish, what would it be? Share your wishes for yourself, your loved ones or the world on the Shambhala Wish Tree! Take some time exploring the wishes of your fellow Shambhala-goers and see the depths of their hearts. Smile, laugh, cry, be inspired!

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Festivals are so much more than music and dancing. Feed your mind and your soul with The Grove’s workshop series at the Cedar Lounge.

Schedule and workshop descriptions TBA.

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Who’s ready for some self-care through grounding yoga meditation? Stretch, breathe and love up your body in prep for some deep soulful booty shaking.
Yoga allows us to stay centered and connect with the true self and inner groove…revealing where true stillness and peace lives… within!

Two classes daily at the Yoga Garden, Thursday through Sunday. Special Yoga classes at stages TBA.

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Countdown to 2018

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