The Greater Good Contribution Contest: 1st Place

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1st Place:

Evan Cronmiller
Shambhala Camp: The Party Pocket
$10,000 CAD awarded to Society Promotion Environmental Conservation (Van, BC).

For our 20th Anniversary, we went big and launched the Greater Good Contribution Contest! Every year we see incredible, fun and thoughtful contributions you make on the farm for your fellow Shambhalovelies. YOU continue to make The Shambhala Experience what it is and here is how we thank you. Thanks for all your heartfelt submissions and all your inspiring stories about your contributions!

Congratulations to Evan Cronmiller from the The Party Pocket for winning 1st place in our Greater Good Contribution Contest. Thanks to his camp’s contribution and submission, we will be donating $10,000 CAD to the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) in Vancouver, BC.

1st Place Party Pocket


Once upon a time, in a land called Shambhala, a group of friends realized that they were feeling a little cramped. All they wanted was to party comfortably with their friends on the dancefloor, so they went in search of a space to do so. When they found it, they realized it was a phenomenon on all dancefloors. They named it the Party Pocket, and didn’t quite realize that they were creating a legacy.”

The Party Pocket is a camp that stands for sustainable partying! This collective of unique individuals strives to keep the environment, especially where they party, in pristine condition. Their mission is to educate their neighbours at festivals and pass on knowledge and values associated with sustainable and healthy partying by leading by example and offering solutions.

andee trash

This “Down to Earth and high vibin’” camp manages waste and consumption by:

  • Sorting all camp waste
  • Promoting buying items in bulk
  • Bringing and using reusable plates, utensils, bowls, bottles and coffee cups to vendors
  • Encouraging campers to pre-plan festival meals to avoid food waste
  • Using biodegradable soap to clean up at camp
  • Ensuring dishwater is dumped at least 200m inland from any water source
  • Suggesting festival-goers take scoops of water with them instead of washing dishes right in the river
  • Promoting a “rinse off” of sunscreens and oils prior to playing in the river (suggesting a sun scarf, parasol or kimono as alternative solutions for sun protection)
  • Offering pocket ashtrays
  • Avoiding glitter and promoting use of cruelty-free make-up
  • Reworking old clothes into new costumes
“We recognize that while Shambhalovelies do a good job of minimal waste partying, more work can still be done by festival-goers to minimize the impact on the environment (and the amount of work for the clean-up crews). By sharing these values, we hope to help build a community of awareness and respect on and off the farm”

party pocket river

They even created a Party Captain Structure to help campmates take on leadership in different roles to manage a clean and cohesive campsite:

  • Dish Captain
  • Water Captain
  • Garbage Captain
  • Structural Captain
  • Food Captain
  • Carpet Captain
  • Security Captain
  • First Aid Captain

The sustainability party doesn’t stop after festival season! Many Party Pocket members are part of a Vancouver-based clean-up crew called “the Butt Touchers”. Their mission is to break the stigma of cigarette butt litter. They do this by dressing real funky, pumping sweet tunes and strolling through communities while picking up butts with style and leading by example. They even hand out pocket ashtrays to passerbys and send the collected butts to be recycled into plastics.

butt touchers

Click here to check out a presentation they made to educate fellow festival-goers!



Their charity of choice is the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) which is the older environment non-profit in Canada and aims to provide local communities in the Lower Mainland with practical solutions for urban sustainability and a greener future. To learn more about SPEC and donate visit:

Wow! The Party Pocket is thrilled to be recognized for what we do best… sustainable partying! We are so grateful that Shambhala promotes eco-friendly fun and supports those who do their best to maintain our green spaces. The charity we selected for our donation is the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation based in Vancouver, BC. This wonderful organization shares the same passion for environmental stewardship as the Party Pocket and runs a number of programs to educate the public about issues ranging from waste and consumption to energy and transportation. Many thanks to all of the lovely, hardworking people who have organized this contest, and thanks to everyone else who brings the Shambha-magic!
See you on the farm next year!
So much love,
The Party Pocket”

party pocket dancefloor

Have a story about how you’ve made a positive impact on Shambhala and the world beyond? Keep an eye out for the Greater Good Contribution Contest next year!


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