The Living Room


20 years.. We did it! This year marks 15 years for the Pride, curating and overseeing all operations at the Living Room Stage.. and what a journey it has been!

From our humble 4’ x 8’ plywood stage beginnings, to our current heart throbbing mother ship planted next to the river. The Living Room has always been the place to unwind, put down some roots, and cool off in the sacred waters of the shore of the holy Salmo River, but this year we undergoing a transformation – expanding our dancefloor and re-locating the stage to make room for our ancient old growth cedar sisters.

You can expect a whole new look and feel, but with that same ol’ familiar, chilled-out, funky Living Room vibe that we’ve all come to love and appreciate at crucial times – whether it be a short break from the madness of the other stages during peak party hours, or some sunny relaxing riverside riddims while basking in the sunshine. Enjoy the coziness and warm sounds of the Living Room by night, or cool off to bass on the beach by day. It finds you when you need it most.

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As Shambhala’s “Chill” stage, we went “all in” this year and booked some of our all-time wish-list favorites, the legendary ambient/downtempo duo – The ORB from London, England.

The Idjut Boys from North London are also on board to break Shambhala’s “longest set” record with a whopping 6 hours of disco rock, dub house, and other dancefloor obscurities. This will be the quintessential Living Room vibe in its purest essence – 100% distilled awesomeness…

We have a slew of other artists from around the world bringing their own particular brand that really resonates with the Living Room’s Idealogies and our personal tastes. Most notably: Nicola Cruz (Ecuador / France), Pedestrian (UK), DJ Ground (Japan), Soohan (Baltimore, USA), and DJ Olive (NYC/Nelson).

As always, we will also be showcasing the Living Room family locals and Kootenay Roots All Stars, who have helped make our space what it is after all these years – A family affair.

Last but not least, live music is represented to the maximum by 2 of Nelson’s greatest bands: 80s cheese rockers Val Kilmer and the New Coke, and the greatest Black Sabbath tribute band on the planet: Sack Grabbath. Looking for your metal fix at Shambhala this summer? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered!

Year 20 is full of surprises, and the Living Room has many. Check your ego at the gate, bring an open mind, an open heart, and come experience quite possibly the coolest chill stage in all the land.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the assortment of flavours that we’ve prepared for the Living Room Stage for this summer. See you on the beach!

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