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The Grove invites each one of you to experience a luscious mixture of music and environment for the 20th anniversary at Shambhala Music Festival. We’ve put together another eclectic schedule to satiate the tastes of many. Welcoming new faces, and returning favourites. We pride ourselves in offering something for everyone.

We’re very pleased to welcome the long awaited play from the world’s funkiest diplomat – The Polish Ambassador. Shambhala will mark his Shambhala debut, and realistically be one of our biggest shows of the weekend. Over the last decade, his sound has dipped and swirled through a staggering range of styles. With a stack of 17 albums and countless remixes, prepare yourself to journey through an auditory canvas of bass, funk, and electric lullabies.

Swiftly scaling the ranks in recent years to find themselves on the leading edge of innovative drum and bass music – IVY LAB is a MUST see. The North London trio has been ringing charts, and secured reputation as pioneers in the ‘halftime’ movement. Ivy Lab has truly ascended the echelons of the futuristic sound palette.

We’re opening the floodgates with a staple Shambhala veteran – An-ten-nae. He’s performed on every stage at the festival, and is set to deliver his newest solo album – Medicine – in May of this year. Welcome to Acid Crunk, where there are no rules, and no restraints. Just pure badass heavy beats. France’s CloZee is back for round two this year, and we’ve invited the fresh underground UK sounds of Congi & Fixate.

Be sure to savour the timeless encounter with the Grove, during some of our inimitable performances. Tagging up with the Living Room Stage – We’re consolidating years of sonic exploration with the debut of Nicola Cruz (France / Ecaudor). UK Garage duo Maribou State will be holding down the woodland retreat for an extended 2 hour set. And the return of Phaeleh is guaranteed to create a blissed out, musical utopia. He knows what Shambhala is all about, and is currently working on something special for the 20th anniversary.

There are far too many notable excitements to list here. Dig deep into our line-up and you will find an array of hidden gems, and an incredible list of Canadian artists on the rise. Let us know what you are excited for!

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