With an impressive number of debut North American appearances from a wide range of international producers, you can be sure you’ll be hearing the newest and most innovative sounds on the planet at The AMPhitheatre this year. Throw in some familiar faces, a ridiculously stacked night of back-to-back sets, and a long list of veteran first-timers being amplified by a recently upgraded PK Sound system – and you’ve got yourself a bass-fueled beatdown like no other!

Hip hop is well represented this year, with one of the greatest turntablists of our time, DJ CRAZE, mixing up something special just for Shambhala! We also have the ‘MVP of the MPC,’ araabMUZIK, delivering his completely unparalleled sampling and live-production show.

We’ll be delving deep into the 4×4 realm with Shambhala first-timers Jimmy Edgar, Billy Kenny, a live set from Pomo, and the much-anticipated return of J.Phlip – guaranteed to keep us moving to that bumpin’ House sound all night

Don’t miss our back-to-back showcase night with the featured Wakaan Takeover. Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Bleep Bloop and PROKO are bringing their unique brand of inter-planetary bass music to share with the earthlings.

Dig deep into these artists, let us know your new and old favourites and watch for artist spotlights and more on The AMPhitheatre page to learn more about the soundtrack for #Shambhala2017. Make sure to arrive early, this years Thursday show will be one for the ages!

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