SMF x PK Sound

Announcing the PK SOUND x Shambhala Klarity Limited Edition System

We are thrilled to announce the PK SOUND x Shambhala Klarity Limited Edition System. 

As many of our Farmily know, Shambhala’s love story with PK SOUND has been going on for over a decade now. PK SOUND powers five of our stages, and they are responsible for that bass that we all know and love.

We are so excited to collab with them on a very special, limited-edition system. There are only 15 pairs available, each individually numbered with an exclusive Shambhala & PK SOUND logo. Prepare yourself for this high-performance, self-powered, 2-way multipurpose loudspeaker set. 

With their purchase, the lucky buyers will also receive 1 of 15 of Shambhala Music Festival’s very first NFT. This very special collaboration with PK SOUND and kdboiart is only available to those who purchase the PK SOUND x Shambhala Klarity Limited Edition System.


  • Price: $4300 CAD per pair (plus taxes and shipping)
  • Systems will ship early Oct. 2021 (Shipping price TBD based on your location)
  • The system includes 2 x PK SOUND x Shambhala Klarity Limited Edition Speakers 
  • Purchase includes Shambhala's very first NFT, only 18 copies ever minted.


The Klarity 8 is a high-performance, self-powered, 2-way multipurpose loudspeaker. It is suitable for standalone music and speech applications or to be used as reinforcement in larger installations. Combined with the Klarity 18 subwoofer this small, powerful cabinet can achieve surprisingly high SPL's and sets a new precedent for output from such a compact design. A rotatable 90 x 60 degree constant directivity horn ensures even, predictable coverage across the entire listening area with the additional flexibility of a rotatable design. The integral high-efficiency class D amplifier maximizes ease of use in a wide variety of applications making the Klarity 8 a suitable candidate for both portable and installed applications. The extremely rugged, void free Baltic birch cabinet, is finished with an impact-resistant tour-grade polyurea coating that outlasts standard painted cabinets by years.

  • Premium quality transducers
  • High-grade void-free Baltic birch construction
  • High efficiency class-D amplification
  • Full power intelligent limiting
  • 90° x 60° aluminum rotatable horn flare
  • M8 rigging for suspension
  • 4 selectable DSP configurations
  • 12 gauge powder coated heavy duty grill
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL polyurea
  • Powercon locking power cable

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