Shambhala Introduces The Grove

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Deep within the Shambhala forest lies a sacred space that has constantly evolved over the years. Influenced by a variety of stellar contributing artists, the space formerly known as the Labyrinth will transform into what we’re calling, The Grove. In this magical stand of old-growth forest you will find a place of natural solace, a welcoming dance floor surrounded by towering cedar trees, lush pathways, creative art installations and interactive chill zones. The musical focus will feature deep sounds in world beat, down-tempo, glitch-hop, psychedelic dub, and a variety of live bands.


The Grove is an invitation to immerse yourself in a fully interactive environment that celebrates conscious living. Each day of the festival will welcome workshops for personal expansion and creative thought, live painting, responsive art installations and cool forest lounge areas. After sunset The Grove will transform, awakening with a full spectrum sound system and state of the art lighting and visuals designed to enliven and free the senses. The new organic stage orientation will provide a beautiful backdrop for theatrical performance art and world renown musical acts. Along side the main stage festival goers will undoubtedly be drawn to the Dream Temple Art Gallery, Hive Tea Lounge and the Mythosphere. Stay tuned for more information as we release the 2014 artist line-up for The Grove in the coming weeks.


Photo: Louis Bockner


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