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Our 2013 SMF Media Team rocked it this year. A big thank you goes out to all the photographers and videographers that help make our website look good and year round media library full. They did an amazing job at capturing farm life and the festival.

Team Leader: ricardO Hubbs – RECORDO

Team Captain: Louis Bockner – Eye of Mind Photography


Cassandra Kasper – Phoenix Photography
Lindsay Donovan – Lindsay Donovan Photography
Leah Gair – Lear Gair Photgraphy
Oliver Gosselin – Oliver Gosselin Photography
Patrick Latter – Patrick Latter Photography
Marc Lefbvre – Lefto Photography
Robb McCaghren – Novus Photography
Vasho Pekar – Vasho
Xavier Walker – Xavier Walker Photography
Emilee Zaitsoff – Electrify Photography
Jeff Cruz – Jeff Cruz Photgraphy
Shawn Fillion – One More Night Out
Kevin Hagell – Kaizen Visuals
Andrew Pavlidis – Andrew Pavlidis Photography


Graham Robinson – DJ Vibe
Alan Christofferson – DJ Vibe
Jeff Kirdeikis – DJ Vibe
Rory Case – DJ Vibe
Kyle McCachen – Team Stoke Show
Alex Rakhit – Team Stoke Show
Emily Rakhit – Team Stoke Show
Kevan McGovern – Reverse Media
Aaron Rivando – Reverse Media
Zach Andrews – Reverse Media
Nathan Skillen – Nathan Skillen
Jonathan Krauth – Green Couch Productions
Michelle Allan – Green Couch Productions
Tavi Parusel – Sheer Blue Films
Jason Mannings – Jason Mannings



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