Theme Camps/Attractions/Attendee Organized Events

As we gear up for this years #Shambhala2018, Shambhala Music Festival wants to provide you with an informative list showcasing all attendee-organized events, new attractions, and theme camps located at the farm.

With a wide range of activities offered each day of the festival, you are sure to find one that sparks your interest! Attending events, visiting theme camps, and exploring the attractions available are a great way of meeting fellow farmily members and getting familiar with the festival itself. Each allows a unique experience, and some have become a staple part of guests Shambhala Music Festival weekend. Organizers welcome newbies and veterans alike to join the fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new Shambhala tradition?


Shambhala Music Festival is home to the eccentric and innovative, and each year theme camps embody this by pushing the boundaries and creating experiences that guests will never forget.

This year is no different, with a number of diverse theme camps located around the farm, there is sure to be a camp that strikes everyone’s fancy!


Feeling like you need a hug? Stop by Camp Hugz! Camp Hugz is a place of magical love where people can stop in for a free hug or stay for a visit and make new friends or learn new hug positions.  Camp Hugz is all about teaching people to connect, share and express love through the use of touch therapy. Camp Hugz prides itself on being a comfortable welcoming and loving safe space for all. Camp Hugz always has a hug a chair and a refreshment ready for any passerbyers (during “business hours”)


Offering a variety of daily events including harm reduction workshops, make sure to add camp Funderland to your must-visit list for this years Shambhala Music Festival. You might even spot a Funderland camp member, Johannes the stilt elephant, roaming the festival grounds!


With glitter, in the same way unicorns do, the Shambha-Glitter Camp body positive camp encouragement improves self-esteem by making all participants sparkle and stunning. Also don’t worry, it’s eco glitter! Please remember not to bring regular glitter as it places a strain on the environment! 

Glitter is a catalyst for sparkled fun filled human interactions between strangers at Glitter Camp and throughout the greater Shambhala area once glittered. Plus it is a kick-butt photo op!!


Shambhala Music Festival welcomes back theme camp veterans and suppliers of infectious cheer, Electric Mexico. This ever-growing group of friends strives to create an inclusive camp where strangers become friends, and activities are hosted for all to partake in. This year Electric Mexico has planned a Saturday filled with events that you will not want to miss! Add these to your calendar and immerse yourself in the Electric Mexico love. 


Sicko Saturday – Aimed for 3-4 pm.
This is the time to bring your friends and make them eat or drink something they really don’t want to! Including things such as chugging maple syrup or maybe taking 3 fingers full of vegemite, this is best planned by a friend who knows you well as to get the best reaction! It is one of their longest standing traditions and they want you all to join!

Emex group photo – Aimed for 4 pm

This is for their camp members, and they ask that you allow them to quickly work out a photo with just them but feel free to stand and stare at us awkwardly while they do this! They do not wanna leave you all out so below is info on a photo anyone can join on.

Nerf wars – Aimed for 4:30 pm

This year they will be bringing back their nerf war! If you would like to join them, bring your own gun or try and snag a free one from around the camp. They will supply some ammo but recommended to bring some of your own! They ask that you try and remain within the area of our camp to allow for easily maintaining of the ammo and to not disturb those around them. If you borrow one of their guns please remember to return it back with one of their members.

Farmily photo – Aimed at 5:30-6 pm
This year they want to take a group photo with as many people as they can fit! So please join them as they try and fill their camp with as many people as they can!


This year they will be hiding three small treasure chests in locations available via map! The maps will be placed around their camp as well as all over Sham. Find one of these three boxes and bring them the message inside + box to receive a small gift package!


Each year Shambhala Music Festival guests welcome back their favorite attractions such as the Wedding Chapel, Spirit Animal Wheel, and the beautifully crafted Wish Tree. Whether guests are discovering their Salmo River Ranch Spirit Animal, or tying the knot with the faint sounds of bass music in the background, these attractions have become a staple part of the Shambhala Music Festival Experience.

This year the farm welcomes all attractions with open arms, giving guests the chance to immerse themselves in the unique experience that each one offers.


Back for a second year, The Sonic Portal  is sure to transport you from the farm to outer space and back. Sitting inside a circle of gongs, guests will feel as though they have entered a spaceship and blasted off.

The Bubble Wizard

Covering the festival with giant soap bubbles and good vibes, Shambhala Music Festival is excited to welcome the Bubble Wizard to this years event. Using their secret bubble recipe to create the big colourful bubbles, they will be easy to spot all weekend long!

Tonic Tribe

Tonic Tribe is a captivating dance and performance troupe of accomplished dancers, experience curators, and fire performers based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. Their members have experience ranging in many dance styles and training. Their eclectic repertoire showcases classical dance training, burlesque, improvisational performance, and flow arts. This artistic vision is built on community and innovative collaboration, aspiring to enthrall audiences through hypnotic artistic experiences.

At Shambhala, Tonic Tribe will be seen roaming the farm in one of a kind characters. These are handmade costumes by their members, and they are excited to share these creations with you. You can also find them performing pop up shows of choreographed and improvised dance!

Drum Circle

Dark Moon Designs is a team of artists with the value of interactivity driving all that they do. They are beyond excited to attend Shambhala Music Festival with one of their installations. The Drum Circle allows attendees to interact with sound, light, and each other. Glowing orbs at night, they beckon you to come closer and peer into the tiny worlds inside them. Give it a good satisfying smack and these drums will talk right back at you!

Complimentary Bar

Comprised of two Native Texan redheaded sisters, The Complimentary Bar is an interactive performance art installation with lively “bartenders” serving up warm compliments.  Late night entertainment is always on tap!
These girls will boost your confidence with sincere and meaningful compliments, they tell jokes and ridiculous puns; they laugh hard, work hard and above all, they encourage those around them to embrace the atmosphere surrounding them.
You may why do they do it? Everyone needs to hear more positive reinforcement in their lives. Their goal is to create a ripple effect of smiles, generosity, and kindness.  As a clever play on words, they live for the “aha!” moment when curious patrons grasp our compliments-not-drinks concept. These reactions are priceless. They also welcome “guest bartenders” to step behind the bar and offer compliments to new friends.  It’s inspiring to see this exchange happen over and over again!

Check out a full listing of all Attendee and Shambhala Music Festival here

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