2020 Village Stage Lineup

2020 Village Stage Lineup

"We here at The Village are very excited to bring you our lineup for what is going to be a SUPER SPECIAL YEAR at The Village Stage! We have done a complete rebuild of the front of The Village, and this is definitely the largest build in the history of our stage BY FAR, perhaps even all of Shambhala. Make sure not to miss the Grand Opening Ceremony of The Village Stage with Le Cirque De La Nuit on Friday night at 9pm. We intend to share the legend of The Village through dance and musical activation of the new stage. It will be a spectacle not to be missed!

We also have a whole bunch of amazing artists that have never graced our stage before and we are excited for the heat that they are inevitably going to bring! Some of these have been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to have them join us for this special year! Along with that, we have the return of some of our all time favorites, who are just so good we can’t resist bringing them back. We also have a new takeover this year – a DNB Girls Takeover. All women, all DNB, and all awesome vibes. Make sure to check it, along with our other takeovers, out!

With a plethora of tasty beats from Dubstep, to DnB, to Trap, to Future Bass, and everything in between, you are sure to find something to satisfy your bass tastes." - Eroca and Jeremy, Village Stage Directors 

The tale of the Village Stage

1,000,000 years ago, an extraterrestrial race called the Krinkoia crash-landed on the very site on which The Village Stage has now been built.   After the crash, their Bass Energy* and Technology intermingled and fused with the native nature of the Earth around the site. The Krinkoia people flourished here for thousands of years before they inexplicably disappeared from the planet, never to be seen or heard from again.

The technology and energy left behind by the Krinkoia were destined to be lost to the people of Earth forever until it was rediscovered by the PaKaari people when they happened across the ancient ruins of this site. They used the remnants of the Krinkoia civilization to build a home (the Village), harnessing the powers of this long lost technology.

To this day, The Village Stage is still the most powerful place on Earth to harness Bass Energy as this is the site where it is stored and generates from, rooted into the very core of the earth below. When properly activated, one can have full access and control of the Bass Energy.

Every year the PaKaari people come together to perform a ritualistic ceremony to honour, celebrate, and harness the Bass Energy and Technology left to them by the Krinkoia people of the past. Over time they united with the leaders of Shambhala to help grow both of their powerful kingdoms and to share their knowledge and technology with the world.

Bass Energy:  A massive energy source that is extremely volatile. It takes thousands of souls to fuel the BASS engine.  It is all-consuming and life-giving at the same time. It can only be harnessed through select focal points in the space-time continuum, ie: subwoofers.

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