The Greater Good Project: Changing Lives one Dancefloor at a time!

It’s been a journey

For the last two years we’ve committed ourselves to the greater good. 

We asked you to share your own Shambhal0ve and tell us about it, and in exchange, we decided to donate money to charities near and dear to your heart.

Below find some of the seeds that sprouted as the result of one small idea. One that we didn’t know would do what it did. But are beyond humbled by. 

Jason Cohen – 1st place ($10,000)

Jason Cohen took home first prize for putting out a challenge to other guests on the farm. If they shared a random act of kindness with the people around them and filmed it, he decided to give them a free pair of hi-fi headphones.

He donated his prize money to Party Well, a non-profit that donates money to help folks get the clean drinking water they need all over the world. 

Jynae Bergeron – 2nd place ($3,000)

Jynae Bergeron took second place for handing out fresh fruit, baby wipes, essential oils, etc., to fellow folks on the farm. 

Her prize money was donated to an Orangutan Foundation International. It’s a cause near and dear to her heart.

Stefi Lynn – 3rd place ($2,000)

Stefi Lynn was awarded third prize for handing out paper straws to guests on the farm. She decided to donate her prize money to the Canadian Wildlife Organization.

Thanks so much for all of your love, and for sharing it with the rest of us on the farm, and with the world. We’re beyond happy to be one small piece of this loving, grateful, connected family. 

Stay grateful 


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