Subsidized Crew Shuttle

Can’t get here? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Now offering subsidised Crew Shuttles from Vancouver and Calgary! If you’ve been wanting to join our crew and have fun, make new friends, learn new skills and even catch some of your favourite electronic artists, it’s never been easier.

If you’d like to join the crew and book a seat, email with your resume and which location you’d like to catch the shuttle from. Please make your subject line “I’d like to catch the Shuttle from…” and add your departure city!

Crew Shuttle FAQs:

Where is the shuttle pickup/dropoff?

  • We have two Crew Shuttle locations, one in Vancouver and one in Calgary.

When does the Crew Shuttle leave?

  • The Crew Shuttle departs Calgary/ Vancouver at 8am Sunday August 5th.
  • The Crew Shuttle departs the Salmo River Ranch (SMF) at 8am Wednesday 15th.

What time does the Crew Shuttle arrive?

  • The Crew Shuttle from Vancouver will arrive approximately at 6pm.
  • The Crew Shuttle from Calgary will arrive approximately at 6pm.

How much can I bring with me?

  • 3 Carriable Items Per Person.

What positions are hiring?

Shambhala Music Festival is hiring a range of both paid and volunteer positions, including Pre Show. Positions include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Kitchen
  • Cashiers
  • Retail
  • Parking
  • Lodging Hosts
  • Gate
  • Stagekeepers
  • Environment

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