Stööki Sound Spotlight

When UK artists DJ Lukey and Jelacee team up you get the grimey fire that is Stööki Sound. This duo has made a name for themselves across the globe producing trap and bass music while collaborating with big name artists like TroyBoi, Mr. Carmack, and much more.

Stööki Sound will be performing at Shambhala Music Festival for the first time this year, and we were lucky enough to get an inside scoop before their debut! Read below to get a little more info ahead of #Shambhala2018 and be sure to catch Stööki Sound at The #AmphitheaterStage this year.

What have you heard about Shambhala Music Festival and what excites you the most about playing the festival?

Shambhala seems like one of the most immersive and organic festivals and has always been on our list of places that we would love to play at, and we finally have the privilege to do so. The attendees seem to be free spirited and open minded to hearing new sounds and meeting new people. We’re super excited to be a part of that and not only play, but explore the site and all it has to offer.

You guys have been uploading a ton of music online lately. Can you tell us about some of your recent projects and what can fans can expect in the near future?

Right now, we have been honing in on our sound, as well as exploring other sounds too. We are working on an album right now, but thats all I can say 😉

Who are some of the artists on the Shambhala Music Festival lineup that you are most excited to see and perform alongside and why?

Really excited to see Clams Casino and Machinedrum as well as the UK legends Dizzee Rascal and DJ EZ. There’s quite a few artists we’re excited to see, some of whom we have seen before.

What are some of the challenges of playing a music festival and what are some of the perks compared to a venue show?

There is a lot of music at festivals so you want to bring something fresh and new to the table so you stand out and people go home remembering your set. The perks of playing any show is being able to perform to people and make them feel a particular type of emotion, but at a festival it’s even better because its on a much larger scale.

What are some of the biggest differences between the English festival scene and the North American festival scene?

I think the UK festival scene is more grimy, with less focus on production and more on the vibes or music. That’s why Shambhala Music Festival has always been on our list because it follows that same model and you can end up having a really unique experience.

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