Shambhala Music Festival Favourites Get an NYC Shoutout

At Shambhala Music Festival, we’re different. 

Every one of our stages is booked independently by our hard-working long-time crew of Stage Directors. That means the bangers that make their way to your ears every summer are specially curated for and by people who love good music. 

For the first time this year we decided to highlight some of the artists who’ve contributed to making our festival what it is by performing on the farm every summer. That’s why when we released our lineup in March 2019 we included a special section to highlight our Shambhala favourites. They’re the artists who’ve been releasing bass-heavy groovy tunes year after year on our stages. Making you smile, connecting you to each other, and helping us all remember who we really are deep down inside. But they’re also the artists who have made the west-coast DJ scene what it is, cultivating a community that has withstood the test of time. 

The Rust Music Blog out of NYC will be featuring three of our Shambha-favourites this month on their channel and we’re beyond thrilled to tell you about it. 

First up they’ve got longtime festival favourite Slynk, who’s been releasing bangers in the Fractal Forest for over a decade.

The Aussie born British Columbia resident told the Rust Shambhala was where he first found his calling, his purpose and his forever family.

“I can’t tell you what you will find at Shambhala, but I can tell you what I found: I found a purpose. I found a home. I found a community. I found inspiration and drive. I found love and acceptance. I found my flaws and strengths. I found out who I am and I found out who I want to become.”

That’s just one snippet of the Rust NYC’s Slynky goodness…

Check out the full interview here! 


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