Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series: Marques Wyatt

Shambhala 2019 Official Mix Series

•• Marques Wyatt ••

Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer and is undoubtedly one of the most respected DJ’s in the United States and a West Coast legend. In addition to producing some of LA’s most legendary clubs/events, many associate him with “DEEP,” the illustrious event that he nurtured in his hometown of Los Angeles – thriving and continuing today for well over 19 years. He is one of the few DJ’s that have managed to cross-pollinate audiences and merge at least two generations of music fans on his dance floors. Thus, he is in demand at clubs, as well as on the festival circuit alike, stateside and abroad. Marques’ unerring, knowledgeable selections are sure to stir up some emotions and known to turn huge dance floors into intimate rituals. Get ready to welcome him with a massive Shambha-Howl as he makes his debut on The Living Room Stage. 

“I was envisioning playing these tracks in Shambhala’s infamous Living Room.  This mix literally features music from some of my favorite artists and labels.  The DSF track in particular is one to look out for, as it’s the only one featured in this mix that is unreleased.  It scorches the dance floor every time I play it and will definitely be a BIG Summer track.   Needless to say, I’m looking profoundly forward to experiencing Shambhala, as BC is one of the most beautiful places to be in the Summer and I’ve heard nothing but praise for Shambhala.  See you in August! ” – Marques Wyatt


1. Stone Flower – Namito – Sol Solectas
2. I Am – Wild Dark – Akbal Music
3. Djougou (Perc Mix) – Laolu, Mr Raoul K, Ahmed Sosso – Ultra
4. Baassa (Pablo Fierro Remix) – Omri Guetta, Godes – Frau Blau
5. The Vision – DSF – All Day I Dream (Unreleased)
6. Fjords (Armen Miran Remix) – Eleonora, Bigasti – Lost Diaries 
7. Butterflies In My Chest (SIS Remix) – Javier Gonzalez, Space Motion – Sudan Recordings
8. Persian Desert – Squire – Bar 25 Music
9. Sealight (FNX Omar Remix) – Ambonati, Neipa – Nite Grooves
10. As Above As Below (Original Mix) – &ME – Pampa
11. Kusimama – Floyd Lavine (ft. Awen) – Rise Music

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