Salmo River Ranch Campground

Exciting announcement from festival founder Jimmy Bundschuh 🌲🏕 👇

I am very excited to share with everyone some exciting news. I know so many people have missed being on the farm this past summer, swimming in the Salmo River, camping and relaxing in our beautiful valley. Please rest assured during 2020 the team wasn’t sitting back waiting for life to get back to normal, we worked all summer to build a new campground to help you get closer to home.

The campground will be open this spring and we would like to invite the farmily to come back to the place we all love for a camping trip. We have all missed each other and now we have a new way to reunite with the Shambhala family. For you, this might also be an opportunity to bring your children or loved ones that may have been hearing about the farm for years but haven’t come to the festival.  

The campground is on a newly developed part of the farm and I think it is the best camping we have ever had. There is plenty of riverfront access, old-growth forest and lots of shade. We are building some showers and washrooms and will have some services for RVs. The campground is over 30 acres so there is lots of room. 

I would like to get your help to come up with ideas to make the campground fun and exciting, as well as think of a great name for the campground. One idea would be to take people on tours showing what it is like on the farm during the offseason and the festival site. After social distancing and public health measures have been lifted we could accommodate workshops and retreats. We would also be open to small private events like weddings and family reunions.  Fun activities during your stay is a must. Please post your ideas in the comment section below 👇

If you might be interested in joining the team to operate the campground, please reach out to We need hosts, equipment operators, and builders. We will be getting to work in early April to be ready to open by May long weekend. The campground will run until at least Labour day weekend. 

The purpose of this post is to tell this exciting news to the farmily before anyone else. We need your help, please give us feedback. This will be a great way to support the festival and ensure that we come back stronger than ever this year. 

If you’re looking forward to visiting the farm this summer, please sign up for our campground newsletter to be the first to know when these campsites go on sale and for exclusive benefits 🌈 👉

Whether it is at the festival or our campground, I look forward to seeing you this year 💜

Jimmy Bundschuh

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