7 Ways to Prepare for Crew Applications

The Shambhala Crew is made up of many amazing volunteers and staff. We are so grateful to the incredible people who give their time to make it one of the best festivals in North America. Applications for new crew members will be open as of Feb. 20, 2020. Here are some tips to be prepared so applying is a breeze.

1. Fill in all fields of the application to avoid errors

Make sure you have your resume ready to upload and a clear photo for your ID badge. If you don’t have an updated resume, that’s okay – a basic list of your work experience and skills will do!

2. It’s not always about who you know

You don’t need a reference to submit a general volunteer or staff application. We look for qualified candidates with the right experience and enthusiasm, so tell us about yourself!

3. Decide whether to work or volunteer

Unsure which application to fill out? Pick one and let us know that you would be open to either opportunity. Staff work everyday of the festival. Volunteers have a more flexible schedule.

4. Get in the know

Our festival is held on a remote family farm, which means there are many things to know prior to arrival. Head to our Join the Crew page to get acquainted with expectations and make sure you read the Crew Handbook when it is released later in the Spring.

5. Familiarize yourself with the teams and dates

Some teams only operate during showtime or pre-show. The more open your availability is, the more team options may be available to you. Read our website to find out what it means to be a pre-show, showtime or post-show crew member.

6. Apply Early

 The recruitment process takes time. The sooner you apply, the sooner we can start working on finding a great position for you.

7. Get Social

Join our Shambhala Crew Facebook group to connect with our network of past and present Shambhala Music Festival volunteers and staff.

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