Moontricks @ The Grove 2018 Recap

Moontricks at The Grove 2018

Year after year, the fellas of Moontricks continue to harbour those warm, Kootenay, home-grown sensations of feeling like you are HOME at The Grove. Originating from the small mountain town of Argenta, BC (only 2 hours from the farm), Moontricks‘ music is local, mountain inspired, and embodies so much of the soul that is Shambhala with their unique timeless sound; Grassroots blues, folk and soul meets cutting-edge, underground, electronic. With Nog Osiris on the Keys & Harmonica and Sean Rodman on Vocals, Guitar & Banjo, this talented duo have become a festival favourite and won 3 Kootenay Music Awards for 2017:
(1) Artist of the Year
(2) Song of the Year for “Home”
(3) Electronic Producer of the Year
Check out their recap from The Grove this year to bring back those special feelings of being with the farmily.

Music: Moontricks – Mountains (Shylow Remix)

Film Credits: Rebel Cause Films
Banner Photo: Nik Molson
 “Shambhala holds a special place in our hearts. A wonderful gathering of friends. Almost a family reunion of sorts” – Moontricks

Photo: Concert Socks


Photo: Concert Socks

What were your favourite moments from the festival this year?

Going down the slide into a bin of rubber chickens at The Village.


How many Shambhala’s have you attended?

Been attending Shambs since we were teenagers. Attended Shambhala probably around 13 times and have played 6 years.

Photo: Nik Molson

What do you have to say about the stage you played at this year?

This year we played on the Grove as we often do. The vibe, the aesthetic, production were all extra on point his year. Special shout out to Hiedro on lights.
Photo: Caspian Kai

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