Local Talent to Watch out for on the Farm!

Stickybuds, Excision, the Funk Hunters, they’ve come a long way since they first graced the stages of the Salmo River Ranch

For 22 years, Shambhala Music Festival has been a breeding ground for artists to network, grow and expand their careers the world over. This year, in proud partnership with Creative BC and the province of British Columbia we’ve taken it to the next level, shining a spotlight on the next generation of groundbreaking Britsh Columbia based DJs.

Each stage has selected an artist from their lineup who they recognized as pushing the boundaries and music scene forward. 

Below find a few of the artists making waves on the West Coast.


The Grove Stage @ 9pm Sunday

Goopsteppa is from Montreal but has been living in British Columbia since 2009. The West Coast music festival circuit was a big draw for him and the first large chunk of his musical work under the name, Goopsteppa, came to fruition while he was living in Nelson, BC. Since living in BC, his music remains inspired by the natural world.

He now performs all across the world and sells out events across North America. He has opened for some of the largest artists in the world, including performing at Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions and headlining Alex Grey’s CoSM.

“Shambhala is a world of its own, providing a magical space for expression, connection and growth. It completely blew my mind on my first year, and I feel that there is undoubtedly something very special about it. Getting to share more and more creatively over the years has definitely been an honour, and I always think about how magical some of my experiences there have been when I prepare new works.” – Goopsteppa

Check out the full interview here. 


Fractal Forest @ 3pm Friday

From Kelowna, B.C., Wes Please has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is. Having made his mark last summer at Shambhala Music Festival, as well as countless gigs with big artists that inspire his work, he’s become a familiar name in the West Coast electronic music scene. Always aiming higher, we can’t wait to see what new heights Wes Please reaches from here.

This local hero will be returning to the Fractal Forest this year to bring you some funky breaks and future house. Check out his BC Artist Spotlight Mix and get ready to positively charged on the dancefloor

“Shambhala is a place in which everyone can shed the stresses, fears and worries of day to day life. Being surrounded by the love of like-minded individuals allows people to achieve new heights never before dreamed possible.” – Wes Kormos

Check out the full interview here.


The Living Room @ 7:30pm Sunday

If you’ve seen Moontricks at Shambhala Music Festival before, then you know that feeling of your insides tingling with heartwarming shivers when their organic hit “Home” drops under the starry Shambhala skies.

Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman, otherwise known as the humble duo Moontricks, are from the small town of Argenta, BC. From their rugged roots, they have birthed a unique homegrown sound that fuses grassroots blues, wistful soul, and gritty, boot-stomping bass.

Their music, which emanates with their love for the mountain life, merges musical worlds previously unacquainted. Once Canada’s best-kept secret, they are now taking their sound worldwide, touring all over North America and Australia.

“Shambhala has been a wonderful place to connect with people in our local community and music fans from all over the world, the atmosphere is a great source of inspiration for us. Every year it feels like a family reunion, it is our own little corner within the electronic music scene.” – Moontricks

Check out the full interview here.


The Amphitheatre @ 9:30pm Thursday

GREAZUS is the shared vision of HxdB and Patrik Cure – two of Vancouver’s most renowned and prolific music ambassadors. From decades of producing, DJing, running their label Aufect and promoting shows in Vancouver, they have come together as a dynamic duo in the West Coast music scene. 

You can find them blowing up dance floors all over the world at festivals, and they’ll be returning to Shambhala Music Festival this summer joined by Sammy Rich. Sammy Rich has evolved from a rave kid, to DJ, to producer, and now to a rhymer. Watch out for them at the Amphitheatre stage and get familiar with their special brand of “weirdos only” music on the dance floor.

“Shambhala’s influence on our music culture plays a huge role in allowing us to showcase our personal sounds, plus feature the artists that we work with via Aufect. The weirder the better, we are allowed to operate with full creative freedom.” – Greazus

Check out the full interview here. 


Pagoda Stage @ 4am Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Growing up in Nelson, BC has played a huge role in Ben Fox‘s development as an artist. During his young teenage years, he attended the rave scene in the Kootenays and became part of the vibrant music scene that was spearheaded by the same people that created Shambhala. As a purveyor of deep infectious dance floor grooves, he is becoming well-known in the Western Canada electronic music scene. 2018 saw him chart to the #1 position on Beatport and tag team on stage with the legendary Z-Trip. He has opened for some of the biggest names in the industry including, Mix Master MikeDr. FreschAC Slater and Method Man.

With 3 new EP’s and some exciting collaborations in the works, he continues to push the boundaries and adapt with the ever-evolving electronic music world. 

Expect a fully loaded set at the Pagoda Stage this year, that pulls on everything from relic psychedelics to pioneering spacetime-altering vibrations. Prepare to be transported to a world of pure primal rhythmic indulgence.

“To me Shambhala is not just a music festival; it is a culture.  Starting with humble beginnings it grew exponentially into a festival of epic proportion.  This is not by chance.  This is a direct result of passion and how it generated a huge cultural movement as expressed through music.   Playing at Shambhala is exhilarating and getting the opportunity to share your music, energy and message with so many amazing people from all over the globe is something I am extremely grateful for. ” – Ben Fox

Check out the full interview here. 


The Village @ 4:30am Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Known for his uncompromising blend of jazz and funk-infused house and breaks, Mr. B is a Village Stage veteran, having played at the festival as well as work on the Village Stage team for many years. His sets are focused on bringing people together in positive ways through music, this comes through in his seamless mixing of timeless classics with future favourites that maintain pop appeal without sacrificing underground sensibilities. Over the years residencies in Calgary and Victoria allowed him to hone an eclectic style reminiscent and inspired by legendary artists mr. scruff and Mark Farina. Currently maintaining a residency at Shambhala’s Village Stage for the last 10 years other notable appearances include Vancouver island’s Tall Tree and Soundwave festivals as well as numerous openings for acts that range from live bands to full-spectrum electronic music events.

Check out our interview with Mr. B. here. 


Less than 20 days until the magic happens. You won’t want to miss this year’s spotlight artists shine. Check the 2019 Schedule here to find out when to catch them and show your support!

Many thanks to Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia for their support in fostering the local music community.

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