Living Room Stage Lineup 2019


The Living Room Stage is thrilled to share with you their full line-up for the 22nd Annual Shambhala Music Festival. The Living Room is happy to present to the people a ‘groove based’ musical flow; putting dance back into dance music. With an almost completely different lineup from last year, they have rotated a few sham faves back into the fold, as well as showcasing a tasteful bass lineup. Come experience where disco truly lives in the land of Shambhala as well as enjoying a showcase of deeper house sets, some house music LEGENDS and a variety of performance artists. Rock out to a full PK system, and a full array of LED panel visuals, lights, lasers and lamps – The Living Room is a feast for the senses.

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Background Photo Credit: Joey Rootman Photography

Poster Design: Sijay James // On Beyond Metamedia

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