Halfway to #Shambhala2018

Party people! We are quickly coming up on the Halfway to Shambhala mark, and this year you’ll find only one officially sanctioned event at our venue Bloom Nightclub in #NelsonBC! It’s all scheduled to go down next Saturday February 10, exactly 6 months away from all 6 of our stages opening up on the Friday August 10th 

For the event we’ve invited MARTEN HØRGER to make his venue debut, as well as an impressive supporting cast of performers, and naturally we will be raffling off a free ticket to #Shambhala2018!

We’re also running a contest for tickets to our Halfway show here: http://bit.ly/2Gxl2QY

Thinking of coming in from out of town? Our top floor of The Savoy Hotel is now open! Learn more: www.savoyhotel.ca/reservations

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