First-timer’s guide to Shambhala MF

Every year, we welcome hundreds of new Shambhalovelies to the Salmo River Ranch

While our ShambhaVeterens do an incredible job of helping our newcomers prepare and get accustomed to life on the farm, we want to give our new friends a few quick tips and tricks they may not have considered before they get on the road to Shambhala.

Pack the essentials:

  1. Dust mask or bandana
  2. Water containers – something that will be easy to carry around on the dancefloor
  3. Baby wipes – a quick cleaning solution if you’re not able to get to the showers (Make sure you go eco and dispose of them properly!)
  4. Healthy snacks – while we have plenty of food vendors on site, pack light snacks like granola bars and trail mix snack packs to keep you energized between meals
  5. Lip balm – it’s dry out there, your lips need hydration too!
  6. Festival belt/fanny pack – no need to haul a heavy bag around, pack your dancefloor essentials in an easy-to-wear, hands-free bag!
  7. Warm clothes – although Shambhala Music Festival is hot during the day, it gets very cold at night. Pack plenty of warm clothes to dance under the stars!
  8. Earplugs – be kind to your tiny eardrums, protect them from the bass

Take a look at what experiences we have to offer outside of your favourite artists!

What makes Shambhala Music Festival so special is all of the extra quirky, fun and creative activities we have on site. Some of them include:

  1. Wish Tree
  2. Salmo River Ranch Spirit Animal Wheel
  3. BASScamp Art Gallery
  4. Travelling performers/attractions
  5. Theme Camps (situated in various places in the campgrounds)

If you’d like to get involved with some of these activities, we’d advise you to: 

  1. Participate in attendee-organized events including:
    1. TuTu Tuesday
    2. Day Onesie
    3. Sailor Scout Saturday
    4. The Shambhala Virgin Train Tour
    5. LGBTQ+ Tea party
  2. Don’t get TOO hung up on set times. Part of the magic of Shambhala Music Festival is seeing new artists and exploring new genres of music. With our 6 different stages, there’s plenty of artists to choose from. Spend time walking around and passing by the different stages. See what catches your ear and you might just find your new favourite artist.
  3. Get plenty of sleep! While we know there’s so many incredible things to do and artists to see, we strongly encourage you to get adequate sleep each night. Our bodies aren’t used to dancing and walking around for 3-4 days straight, so getting proper rest is our top tip to having the best experience possible.
  4. Get familiar with our harm reduction program. We take incredible pride in the services we’re able to offer to ensure our attendees are kept safe.
    1. ANKORS – free drug testing and information that will help you party safe. They also provide safe sex information, as well as condoms and lubricants.
    2. Sanctuary – open 24 hours a day. It’s a non-judgemental space for people who are unable to cope with the stimulation of the festival. This is a great space to use if you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety or panic attacks.
    3. Women’s Safe Space – open 24 hours a day. Provides support for any self-identified women who feel vulnerable or have disclosed that they’ve been assaulted.
    4. Medical – open 24 hours a day. Provides medical services for anything from cuts and scrapes to serious medical emergencies.

We also want to give a huge hug to our returning Shambhalovelies who continue to ensure our new farmily members are welcomed with open arms. We can’t wait to see all of your friendly faces on the dancefloor.

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