Truth Artist Interview

Truth Artist Interview

Truth Artist Interview from Shambhala Music Festival on Vimeo.

Sonic architects from New Zealand, Truth, have gained momentum and respect on the international music scene with their spacious, sub-heavy sound and half-step stompers. We caught up with Dre Fernandez, one half of the Deep Dark and Dangerous duo, at The 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival. Watch the full interview to find out what his favourite stage at Shambhala is, their best Shambhala moments, and how they loved playing at the thunderdome aka The Village.

“Shambhala Music Festival is the foundation of Canadian bass culture. It sets an example of how a festival should be. From the absolutely stunning location set in the British Columbian forest to the outstanding sound production and art – Shambhala takes it to a whole new level without crossing into the corporate paradigm. Not to mention the first class artist hospitality and the overall good vibes of the festival makes it something I never want to miss. I play many festivals and Shambhala is the only one where I will camp and stay the entire duration.” – Dre Fernandez (Truth) 
What were your highlights from the festival this year?
Finally being able to play a set in The Village on that huge PK trinity system was unreal. There’s nothing quite like playing in the thunderdome! 
What part has Shambhala Music Festival played in your journey as an artist?
I have now been lucky enough to attend and play at 6 different Shambhala’s. I’m absolutely honored to be able to keep going back. Being able to play at Shambhala has really opened up many opportunities for shows and tours, especially in Canada. It’s existence has bred a plethora of nightlife in the music community. 
What is your favourite stage?
It’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve been lucky enough to play at The Living Room, The Grove, The Amp Stage, The Pagoda and this year finally got to play The Village which was a real eye opener. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing at all those stages, and each one is super enjoyable to play at on its own way.  
Shambhala would like to thank Dre and Tristan for gracing many of our stages over the years and hopes to see their return for years to come.

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Photos: Cameron Frazier/Banana Cam Photo

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