Top 5 Benefits of Being Crew

Shambhala volunteers and staff are the backbone of the festival and the driving force behind its success. We feel so lucky to have been able to build an amazing team of staff and volunteers, and we look forward to heading back to the farm to be reunited with our entire crew each year. Our team likes to think that working at Shambhala is an experience of a lifetime, and we are proud of just how many crew members return year after year because they love the work they do.

We've asked our crew what they love most about working or volunteering at Shambhala, so if you're considering joining our crew please check out their answers below.

Top 5 Benefits of Being Crew

Images: Akailah Yocom and Niko Flacka 

1. Access to Crew Perks

Joining our crew comes with some serious perks. Our crew enjoys complimentary early access to the festival, complimentary onshift meals and allocated crew camping spots, not to mention the free festival access our crew gets to enjoy when they are off-shift.

2. To help out and give back

Many of our crew are guests that have returned for many years and have opted to become crew to get even more involved in the festival. Creating a family atmosphere for our crew is our top priority, and we feel honored that so many people want to continue the Shambhala message of love, acceptance and giving back. When we asked our crew what they loved about being involved in the Shambhala crew, helping out and giving back were some of the top benefits and we believe this speaks volumes of the type of crew we work with.

3. Working behind the scenes

Being involved behind the scenes was another benefit that came up when we asked our crew why they love working at Shambhala. When you are part of the Shambhala crew you get to see the inner workings of the festival, and how we pull it all together to create the magic that is Shambhala. Being part of our crew is a great way to experience the festival from the inside out and learn industry knowledge.

4. Join old friends and make new ones

Our crew is made up of old friends and new. Whether you're coming with a group of old friends, or you've set out solo to make new friends, we strive to help support our crew members to make meaningful relationships with their team that can last a lifetime!

5. Gaining new skills

We offer a range of volunteer and paid positions that offer our crew a very diverse spectrum of skills. We love to upskill our crew and teach them new things to make sure they get the most out of their experience!

Image by Jeff Zwicker and James Coletta

What are you waiting for?

If you're ready to dive into the magic that is Shambhala, apply today and join our crew. We have a diverse range of volunteer positions available, including Ticket Gate, ShambhaLodging, Traffic Control, Kitchen and more! If you’re looking for a paid position, you can join a wide range of teams such as Food and Beverage, Retail, Transportation, Stagekeepers and more.

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