The Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience – Winner #2

The Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience Winner #2

We know that you’ve been itching to know who the second Ultimate SMF Experience Winner is, and we’re excited to announce that the second winner is Ally Mc 👏🎉

While at #Shambhala2015, Ally first met her #ShambhaLove Walter Scott. They fell head over heals at a sunrise set at the The Grove Stage, and it’s been love ever since. They’ve made it work despite Ally being from Minnesota and Walter being from Edmonton. As you all know, we LOVE ShambhaLove, and since Ally and Walter will be sharing their 3rd anniversary at this years #Shambhala2018, we wanted to help them do it in style.


Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!!! What it would mean the world to me to return to Shambhala in 2018 I was one of the lucky ones who found their Shambhalove in 2015. Let me introduce Walter ScottHe is from Edmonton and I’m from Minnesota. It was both of our FIRST (!!) times on the farm and looking back, it was 100% magical from start to finish. It was actually Scott’s FIRST FESTIVAL EVER… We found each other at a sunrise set in The Grove on Saturday morning just as the mystery of the night quickly faded into glorious, warm summer sun. Dwelling by the speakers, our connection was revealed through our endless love for music. We didn’t speak we just danced. The music ended, and so the site enjoys a few hours of bass-less serenity. We said goodbye and separated to frolic another day, having made plans to meet the following evening (Sunday night!!!) in the same place. I entered the Grove from the back entrance and wondered how I would find him on such a packed dance floor. I scanned the crowd for only a few moments when… I spotted him!!! He had actually shown up! He was by the speaker, smiling huge and grooving alone as he towered over the crowd. I spotted him because he is a very tall human – at 6’6” (Urm, 198 centimeters) he was not to be missed 

We spent the night together roaming around Shambhala soaking up all the goodness and feeling very thankful to be with someone who helped us stay warm by grabbing a slice of pizza at 4am and cuddling. The sun rose on the final morning and we went back to the outside world with a simple goodbye, hugging downtown and walking away, each clutching the tiny scraps of paper we had exchanged with the other’s number. Most of a year passed and we had stayed in frequent contact via whatsapp. Sometimes chatting just to share a cool idea or to check-in as friends, and most likely to share music. We grew closer with every message. We were absolutely going to Shambhala again in 2016 and it was cool that we’d be able to see each other again. We both bought our tickets, me during early-bird… and he actually acquired his by chance the day before the festival sold out. Hours before, actually. What are the chances you just decide to buy your ticket the day an event sells out on a random day in March? One of the many “meant to be” situations in our relationship. 

We proceeded to link again at Shambhala in 2016, and soon afterwards we embarked on our first massive road trip… our first full week together, really. We lived and worked for 3 and a half months in a 6x8ft tent (remember he’s giant) during the hottest part of the farming season. He was the biggest trooper though, and we loved our little home which quickly became our spaceship. After the 3 months together 24 hours a day we had to return to our respective places to address life that was calling us. We proceeded to spend 8 months apart with only one 10 day visit. We were very sad to not be able to attend for the 20th anniversary in 2017… At the time we couldn’t juggle everything! We did however get to spend 4 more months together travelling, adventuring, loving, dancing… We’ve been apart now for 3 months and the magnetic pull of one another is so strong! We are currently planning how to be together full time… the challenge is very real being from different countries.

It would be the most surreal thing that has probably happened to us to return to Shambhala to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with friends old and new… but this time we will arrive TOGETHER…living the farm life together at last. 

Shambhala Music Festival is excited to welcome Ally HOME

Ally will be coming HOME in style with: 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who entered and shared their story and what it would mean for them to come HOME. You blew us away, and now we can barely contain our excitement to return HOME to the farm and create even more #ShambhaLove. 

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