The Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience – Winner #1

The Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience Winner #1

Shambhala Music Festival is proud to announce the first ultimate Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience winner.

We were absolutely flooded with amazing, heartfelt entries, the Shambhala Music Festival Farmily blew us away, but there were two entries in particular that really struck a chord with our team. The first winner of the Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience is Cody Lutzaik! Read his winning post below and get ready to feel the #ShambhaLove. 

Cody Lutzaik

“Last year, while I was at Shambhala, my father went into a coma unexpectedly.

My picture (posted above) was made into a poster and put everywhere, from port-a-potties to market stalls, to food vendors, saying something along the lines of “If you see him, tell him to call home!”

It was an incredibly emotional experience for me that turned one of the best years of Shambhala I’ve attended into the worst. I hitchhiked out of the festival, spent my last bit of money on a plane trip, and unfortunately didn’t make it in time to say goodbye.

The effort that everyone put in to helping me out was incredible. I was found by random strangers, and got the news quickly. People leaving recognized me and offered to give me a ride.

The love of Shambhala is real and is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I want to return again this year, and pay homage to my late father, on the anniversary of his death, in my favourite place in the world.”

Shambhala Music Festival is excited to welcome Cody HOME

Cody will be coming HOME in style with: 

It will be Cody’s sixth year at Shambhala Music Festival (see his images below from previous years), so we’re looking forward to giving him that ShambhaLove and ensuring he has the best experience possible. 

We also want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who was involved last year in the search to locate Cody and get him home to his family. Our Shambhala Music Festival Farmily are simply the best, and you’re what makes this festival so special. Keep an eye out for our announcement for the second winner of the Ultimate Shambhala Music Festival Experience!

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