The Shambhala Effect

Since its humble beginnings 22 years ago, Shambhala Music Festival has been a breeding ground for up-and-coming artists to have their breakthrough moment. From world-renowned producers like Bassnectar and ODESZA to Porter Robinson and Stickybuds, Shambhala’s talented Stage Directors continue to bring through the best of the best to grace their stages.

Banner Photo: Ohdagyo

The Grove

In 2014, The Grove stage was blessed with a set from the one and only ODESZA – the same year they released their breakthrough album, In Return. Not only are they now headlining events around the world, but they’ve launched their own festival this year, Sundara, which features other popular artists from their record label on the line-up.

Watch ODESZA’s 2014 set at The Grove here.

(Shambhala Music Festival 2014)

The Village

Shambhala’s iconic dubstep/bass stage, The Village, has also brought in quite the lineup year after year, all the way back to debuting Excision in 2008, who turned into a Shambhala Village resident for 10 years. Most of our Shambhaloves near and far waited in anticipation for Excision’s Shambhala mixes to be released on Soundcloud year after year – never to be disappointed.

Listen to one of Excision’s first Shambhala sets in 2009 here.

(Excision at The Village 2009)

The Pagoda

Rezz is the most recent addition to Shambhala’s list of powerhouse artists who’ve started their journey at Shambhala. Her 2016 debut took the whole farm by storm, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Now, a few album releases later and touring full-time, Rezz is a force to be reckoned with – her sound and talent are amongst the best of the electronic music scene, and we were honoured to have her return HOME to her rightful place at The Pagoda last year.

Watch Rezz’s full 2016 set at The Pagoda here.

(Shambhala Music Festival 2016)

The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre has seen the most change over the years. Not too long ago it was still called the Rock Pit (raise your hand if you’re an OG Shambhavet and remember it!). The now iconic red and white tent has hosted some of the dirtiest in bass music – one in particular we know and love: Space Jesus. Making his first appearance at The Amp in 2015, Space Jesus has become a true favourite for everyone on the farm to get down and dirty on the dance floor. Now amassing millions of streams across Soundcloud and Spotify, Space Jesus is pumping out only the best tracks year after year.

Watch one of Space Jesus’s face melting sets at The Amp here.

(Shambhala Music Festival 2015)

Fractal Forest

Clap ya hands if you get down to the funky tunes of Stickybuds at Fractal Forest every year! This Shambhala veteran has been playing deep within the forest since 2005. Now touring around the world with over 50+ released records, Stickybuds still returns HOME to Shambhala every year – just as he’s done for the last 14.

Watch part of Stickybud’s 2011 funky Shambhala set in the Fractal Forest here.

The Living Room

Heard of The Glitch Mob? Yeah, we thought so. Their debut as a trio was at Shambhala in 2006 at The Living Room Stage, which wasn’t too long after they all played individual sets at that same stage. Now Shambhala vets, this trio with over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify returned HOME to share their gift with our Shambhaloves just last year.

Their debut was before the days of YouTube, so we couldn’t get our hands on old videos from their sets at The Living Room, but we did dig up a video from 2009 at Living Room stage that will show you just how different it was back then. You can watch it here.

(Shambhala Music Festival 2006)

Have you been lucky enough to see any of these legendary sets on the farm? Who are some of your favourite SMF residents? Let us know as we get closer and closer to announcing this year’s lineup.

As we gear up for year 22, Shambhala’s Stage Directors are working tirelessly to bring you even more up-and-coming artists to make their breakthrough appearance on the farm, along with many of our tried and true Shambhala residents. Make sure you don’t miss out and purchase your #Shambhala2019 tickets while you can and we’ll see you on the dancefloor!


By: Talia Smith
 loved Shambhala Music Festival long before she began working as the Entertainment Assistant two years ago, and that love only grew stronger when she was adopted into the farmily.
 She now works in several areas of the music industry, returning HOME every year to be a part of the Shambhala magic. 

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