The Living Room Stage 2018 Lineup

The Living Room Stage is proud to present their full lineup for #Shambhala2018
The Living Room Stage Shambhala 2018 Lineup


One of the highlights of Shambhala Music Festival is the Salmo River.  The Living Room Stage, also known as the Beach Stage, is the perfect place to dance by the water and connect with the flow. The Living Room took on a bold new look last year, opening up and expanding the stage area and dance floor. This year, the environment returns to the classic vibe of the whole Living Room area. Lamps and lanterns will light the way. 

They are changing up the content in new ways. Their musical format is evolving, with longer sets wherever possible. They want to let the unique flavours of each artist shine through. Tropical paradise feels that are sexy, funky by day and cozy, warm, embracing Bassbin ear candy by night, there will be something for everyone at the beach we promise you!

Their merch booth game is strong with an artist gallery chill lounge, self care refreshments and all things good for you for revitalizing and repairing. They will also have the satellite freezer bikes roaming the beach again, with organic frozen fruit treats.

Check your ego at the gate, bring an open mind, your open heart, and come experience the “coolest” glacier chilled stage.

Some religions claim that some day we will live forever in paradise on earth. Perhaps we have found it already on the shores of the Salmo River.

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