The best Halloween inspo. from #shambhala2019

Are you looking for a last-second Halloween costume? Well, look no further. 

#shambhala2019 had its fair share of inspo. 

Check out the best last-second Halloween inspiration from this year’s journey to Planet Shambhala👇


It’s an age-old classic. Grab your mom’s bellbottoms, your dad’s old-school sunglasses, and strap on some tie-dye. Woodstock was 50 years ago…but you can’t beat #timeless. Peace and love ✌️

📸James Colletta


The Syrens are calling. Get on that tail, wish upon a starfish, and call up your girls on your shellphone 🐚

📸Eric DiGiacomo/Insomniac Media


Play dress up? What could be more fun! Have fun and go full-force – your favourite comic book character will thank you 🦸‍♂️

📸 James Coletta 


Buckle Up! When was the last time you dusted off your dancing boots and strapped into the saddle? 🐎

📸James Coletta 


Because…this one is self-explanatory. Break out your best pom-poms and get ready to play D-Fence ⛹️‍♀️

📸James Coletta


Are they real? We think so. Only one way to find out…🦄

📸Matt Love 


Elegant. Silent. But Deadly. Grab your Katana, dust off that kimono, and go. They’ll never see you coming 👨‍🎤

📸James Coletta 


Were you the class clown? Get your red nose shined up and buckle in, everyone knows the clown knows how to get down 🤹‍♂️

📸Sydnee Wilson


Are you headed for the cosmos this Halloween? Grab your helmet and go. The stars wait for no one ✨



If all else fails…go to town. Check out this epic inspo. from a #shambhala2019 guest. Who even comes up with this stuff? You do👇


📸Jordan Laboucane



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