#SMFGreaterGood 2018 Voting

Shambhala Music Festival is a community like no other

Imagine a world where connection, love and selflessness ruled supreme, a place where EVERYONE is accepted just as they are, unconditionally. We feel so lucky that our guests create this world at Shambhala Music Festival every year. Each time you blow us away with the small acts of random kindness that you perform for one another during the festival, and it's this practice that makes Shambhala Music Festival so special.

#Shambhala2018 was no exception, and you deeply moved us with your #SMFGreaterGood entries. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our guests that participated, and everyone else who still performed random acts of kindness outside the competition.

We've selected the top three finalists and now we need your help to vote in the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up. Check out the final three submissions below and vote for whichever #SMFGreaterGood entry resonates with you the most! As always, it's one vote per person, so simply select the star on the bottom left to vote.




James Cohen

“Last Shambhala I spread more Love than ever before and I began to see a direct correlation between the ShambhaLove that I put out and what flooded back in my direction. At first, I was selling my charitable hi-fi earplugs, collaborating with the vendors on the farm. We did well, so I stopped selling and started gifting them out to people who were also spreading ShambhaLove. As a Shambassador I gave out Love Quests to people and realized that when humans are showered in Love and random acts of kindness, they want to pay that forward, creating a ripple effect that quickly spread throughout the farm! So I created a Love Challenge where people can get a free pair of my hi-fi earplugs if they spread a substantial amount of Love nearby or anywhere at the festival as long as they filmed it and showed me. I was absolutely blown away by the response! People got so creative with it, a hardworking volunteer in parking had dusty glasses and one guy got him a special glasses cleaner, which completely made his day. One girl got someone a smoothie on the dance floor! Another guy gave out 50 heart-to-heart hugs, 50 hi-fives & gifted something from a vendor that someone really wanted but couldn’t afford!! As I started to do this at the REZZ meet up by the wishing tree, someone gifted me a REZZ pin which I loved so much! Then the guy who makes these REZZ goggles gifted me a pair which sort of made me cry tears of joy haha. I made the goal to challenge 100 people to spread Love for my hi-fi earplugs and was astonished when I reached that goal before that evening! Soon Shambhala is launching their #smfgreatergood and the winner can donate $10,000 to any non-profit of their choice! I know that if Party Well were to receive this funding, our 100% charity parties would be able to more than triple it for charities in the next couple of months!”

“The non-profit that I would like to fund was actually inspired by Shambhala! Party Well is a registered non-profit that donates 100% of the profits to charities such as clean water wells where they are needed most. We have been throwing 100% charity parties for over 4 years now and have raised over $65,000, which is estimated to provide over 2,000 people with clean water. Artists such as Aerochord, Ekali, and Rootkit have all volunteered to play at our charity parties. Since we are almost entirely run by volunteers and get discounts on production, this funding will empower us to throw far larger events and ultimately make much more positive impact in the world. We forecast that we can more than triple the funding received for the charities that we fund in just a couple of months. Party Well would likely not exist had it not been for he inspiration from Shambhala 5 years ago. If we receive this funding, we will be eternally grateful.”

Double Rainbow Diner Girls

“Double Rainbow Diner Girls are officially on the road to Shambhala 2018! What we’re bringing to the table is a diner that is always completely out of food and drinks… BUT chalked full of quirky, interactive festival experiences that you can order right off our menu. Looking for a taste of whats in store? You can order a spin on our Rainbow Colour Wheel. To find out your festival spirit colour, and then…. well, you’ll have to wait and see! We’ve got a wagon full of surprises for everybody. Every year we attend a plethora of west coast music festivals, with Shambhala holding the most special place in our hearts. Our intention every year is to come up with new, unique ways to connect with attendees and give back to the festival. We started off by handing out free & fresh lemonade and we cut up buckets of fresh fruit to hand out during sunrise sets – always while fully dressed in our matching rainbow gear. This year we took our creativity and ability to connect with others to the next level with the Double Rainbow Diner Girls. We offered 18 different festival experiences for people to select from our menu. We had options such as “The Dust Extractor”, where we would freshen people up with baby wipes, essential oils, gum, and hand sanitizer or “The Color Wheel of Destiny” where we hand crafted a rainbow prize wheel for people to spin and discover their festival spirit colour and what exactly that colour means. We invested a lot of time and love into this idea and we were so happy to see it come to life and be so well received.”

“We have chosen Orangutan Foundation International as the nonprofit organization we would like to donate to if we were to win the SMF Greater Good competition. This project is particularly close to our hearts, as Michelle volunteered at an orangutan rehabilitation centre on the island of Borneo for 2 months in 2013. She saw first hand the devastating affects that the immense amounts of deforestation has on this now critically endangered species. Volunteering with these incredibly intelligent apes has changed her life forever, and she is dedicated to continuing to help them in any way she can. Jynae has also traveled to Bukit Lawang – a remote village in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia – to spend time in the jungle with the wild golden bearded orangutans. These beautiful, but critically endangered creatures have a such a friendly, gentle, and hilarious nature. It became obvious why the word ‘orangutan’ translates literally to “person of the forest”. OFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat. The organization runs the Orangutan Care Center in Indonesian Boreno which is home to at times over 330 displaced orangutans. Through extensive programs, they rescue, rehabilitate, and release ex-captive and orphaned orangutans into safe and secure sites in the wild. Orangutans are threatened by rapid deforestation and massive devastation of their habitat, mainly due to palm oil plantations. With human activity and pressure only increasing, orangutans face an increasing risk of extinction. By protecting forests in the region, OFI directly works to ensure that the rainforests will be protected for local orangutan populations and all other wildlife for years to come. Receiving this donation for the OFI project would truly mean so much to us, and would provide so much needed income for the extensive costs required for sustaining the Orangutan Care Center. With Love, Michelle & Jynae”

Stefi Lynn

“Handing out paper straws to SAVE THE TURTURS for #SMFgreatergood 🐢🖤

When I first read about the SMF Greater good contest, my boyfriend was just in the early stages of starting his glass straw business (@thelastglassstraw) They are hand made borosilicate glass straws that he makes himself. He’s started making them as a way to offer an alternative to the plastic straws that are causing so much destruction in our oceans and especially to the turtles! However we ran into a small roadblock when we remembered that glass is not allowed on the farm. After brainstorming we decided that we would bring paper straws to hand out instead because they are another great alternative to plastic straws. Myself and my best friend put the straws together with a ribbon holding a tag that says “Save the Turturs” and we handed them out throughout the weekend around the festival. It was heartwarming to see how many people were pumped to receive the straws and to be a small part of our save the turturs movement.”

“The charity I would choose to give the prize money to is The Canadian Wildlife FederationCWF is a charitable organization that protects and educates on helping our wildlife for generations to come. They specialize in many different areas including tracking and intervening (when needed) to ensuring that any species at risk are handled in the means necessary, and adding species to the legal list of Canada’s Species at Risk (SARA) for protection. They carry out and support research on all type of wildlife from turtles, sea lions, birds, caribou, insects and more. They have a special Turtle Recovery program, along with a Bats at Risk program. They assist in protecting our coasts and oceans, along with our lakes and rivers that in-turn help our wildlife population live and thrive. They work towards protecting our forests, including the Boreal Forest and promoting the downfalls of using our natural resources for profit (oil sands, timber, natural gas, etc..) as they pose a huge risk to our ecosystems overall.”

This organization speaks to my heart because of my immense love for all animals and wildlife. Not only is this a charity that will help turtles, but countless other animals as well. I would be so honoured to be able to be a part in donating to such a wonderful and deserving charity.

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