#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 21: Christian

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 21:

•• Christian Löffler ••

German electronic producer Christian Löffler will be performing at Shambhala for the first time this year and his set is guaranteed to bring the dreamy, emotive beats he’s known for. His sound rests somewhere between melancholy and euphoria – a unique exploration and compilation of lush, atmospheric beats.

Löffler first began making music at the age of 14 and taught himself to play a variety of instruments and to digitally arrange music. He now lives in an isolated town near the Baltic Sea where he focuses on creating wistful melodies under his own music label Ki Records, as well as producing stunning visual art inspired by his surroundings.

We sat down with Löffler to discuss the musical inspiration he finds in nature, his appreciation of solitude, and some of his favorite German artists. We also managed to get an exclusive mix from Christian showcasing what we can expect from his set at The Grove this year. So sit back and allow the melodic sounds of Christian Löffler get you blissfully ready for everything to come this August.

What have you heard about Shambhala before, and what excites you most about playing the festival?

I heard that the festival takes place in a remote area with no cities around, which is perfect as it really caught my attention as a nature lover. Also it combines music and art, which are my favorite fields of work. I’m looking forward to discovering the area.


What is the importance of nature to your music and life as a whole, and how are you able to channel this into the songs you create?

Nature is vitally necessary for me to create my art. I need quietness and peace. Therefore I’ve chosen not to live in Berlin as many of my friends working in music do, but in a small village by the Baltic Sea. I live only 300 meters from the sea so it’s easy to have a break from working on music and go for a walk through the beautiful coastal forest here.

I especially love it here in winter time when there is almost nobody around. I do many recordings out in the woods which I layer in the background for tracks or use it for specific sounds like percussion. So nature is not only there in spirit, but also actually audible in my music.


We absolutely love the song and video for “Haul.” What inspired you to shine a light on refugee children and their struggle?

In my opinion, life is all about children, whom we have to guard and protect. My friends and film-makers Marek Partyš & Dušan Husár approached me and have shared their vision to make people aware of the situations that many children have to deal with in the world we are living in.

Something that seems unthinkable to us; being without home and without parents, living in a constant fear and hopelessness. I wanted to empower this project with my music as I think that is a great idea to combine the pleasure of listening music with an important message.


What are some of your favorite places in the world to explore and seek inspiration from?

Northern regions are very inspiring to me. I love Scandinavia. I always end up being close to the sea when I choose travel destinations. The coastal regions of Ireland or Wales were my favorites from touring lately.


Who are some other German artists in any genre that we should be listening to?

I can really recommend anything from our label Ki, especially Aparde and Fejká. Those artists are releasing incredible music and giving versatile and inspiring live shows. Also, one of my all-time-favorite artists Stimming is releasing his new EP on Ki which is super exciting and we are very happy to have him on board.


What can we expect from your set at Shambhala? And also, what can we expect from you on the music front in the future?

I‘m in Sweden at the moment working on music for a new album. I will be playing a lot of yet-unreleased tracks at Shambhala. Pretty sure there will also be new album material.


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