#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 14: Khiva

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 14:


Making her Shambhala Music Festival debut this year, Vancouver-based Khiva is set to transport The Amp Stage into the deep, dark dream she’s crafted from only the heaviest bass music. 

Fresh off her latest EP release Fresh Cut Love on Deep Dark & Dangerous, inspired by the deep sounds of dubstep, Khiva has sculpted her sounds into a dark, emotional journey perfectly suited for our bass head farmily. 

Khiva has also been busy working and playing alongside Shambhala natives TRUTH and Abstrakt Sonance. After attending the festival for six years, we’re honoured to welcome her to the stage, and have no question her set will be one for the books. 

Here’s what Khiva had to say about her #Shambhala2018 Official Mix:

“This mix is about energy. Whether we are listening to, feeling, creating or even dreaming up music there is an energy summoned from a place that we often find hard to put into words, yet is more real than we can fathom. That’s very important to me not only in the music I make but in the tracks I select for sets, to tap into that bottomless well. Sometimes this presents itself as slow, inert, dark and enigmatic, sometimes upbeat, erratic, joyous or blissful, the list goes on, and is ever-changing. So I loaded this one up with some of my absolute favorites that to me encapsulate this concept in sonic form and are just plain wicked tunes. I am absolutely ecstatic to share this with you, hope you enjoy! See you at the Amp! xx “

Be sure to catch her set at The Amp on Saturday, August 11 from 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m, and bump Khiva’s Official #Shambhala2018 Mix. 

What have you heard about Shambhala Music Festival?

This will be my seventh year at Shambhala and first time playing. This festival is absolutely life-changing and it’s so amazing to hear that from almost anyone you speak to that has been. There’s some serious energy on the farm and it’s so beautiful how each year is so incredibly different from the next and continues to get better and better.
Are you ready to camp in the BC Wilderness?
Most definitely. There is nothing like waking up among the trees and smelling the fresh air followed by a dip in the river. We’re pretty lucky to call this home. 
What will your Shambhala Spirit Animal be?
I actually spun the wheel last year and got the Owl, I can resonate with that for sure, I enjoy watching and listening, and sometimes my head does a full 360 😉

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