#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 13: El Búho

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 13:

••El Búho ••

British producer El Búho is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to enchanting sounds. Heavily inspired by Latin American culture, his music dips into a multitude of genres including cumbia, Latin American folk, Brazilica, reggae, dub, reggae, roots, soul, and funk. The producer’s spirited talent speaks heavily through his music, which intertwines the sounds of nature with melodic otherworldly beats.

El Búho will be joining the Shambhala Music Festival stage for the first time ever this year. In preparation for his big debut at The Living Room Stage, El Búho has curated a special mix for us that he noted is “Interspersed with the sounds of the forest and a number of bird species recorded around the festival site.”

So turn it up and head on a nature-fueled musical journey with El Búho.

Thanks for the interview El Búho! How are you feeling about Shambhala this year?

This will be my first time! I was meant to play a few years back but I had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, so I’m really looking forward to finally making it to the festival!

Your music includes influences from places like Latin America, Colombia, and Brazil. Can you tell us the story of how these sounds came to be an inspiration for you?

I actually studied “Latin American Studies” at University and was fascinated by the history, geography and, of course, music of the continent. It is the incredible meeting of worlds, between varied indigenous cultures, the influence of the African diaspora and, of course, European. Each country has its own rich history, its own unique mix and its own musical heritage. It is a place that you never stop discovering and for me it is endlessly fascinating. For my music this is where I draw a lot of inspiration.

There’s no doubt a heavy influence of nature in your imagery and music. What is the importance of nature to your creative process, and what are some of your favorite places to explore?

I love the idea of finding unique and different sounds and using organic recordings gives a very different texture and feel to the music. I also love the idea of going beyond just a token sample and trying to incorporate the feeling of a place or a memory through using found sounds. For example the other day I was sat outside in the sunshine after a gig and there was this strong, rich sun, a slight breeze and these wind chimes just dancing in the background. I made a track using these sounds and it was just all about that moment.

Tell us a bit about life in Paris and how living there has influenced the music you are making?

Life in Paris is great, it is such a beautiful and multi-cultural city. I was living in Mexico City for two years and Paris feels very different. Sometimes it is hard to say how a place impacts you but I have been able to travel quite a lot, visit family and friends and so this has definitely shaped the music I am making. It has also given me some perspective on my time in Mexico and given me some new challenges or ideas for where to go next musically!

What can we expect from your set at Shambhala this year?

I am going to prepare a special set 😉 Expect delicious, low basses, grooving Latin American rhythms and to be immersed in a sonic forest of birds, leaves, wind, rain and more whilst being surrounded by the real forest of the festival (which I have heard is something quite special!)

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