#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 12: The Gaff

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 12
•• The Gaff ••

Up next in the #Shambhala2018 Mix Series – world-renowned Party Rockin’ DJ, Producer and Record Collector – The Gaff. Infusing Hip-Hop, BASS and Electronica with original break beats, Gaff‘s repertoire of Turntable Skills add to the power punch medley of low end pressure waves with deadly rhythm combos.

The Chinese Flying Dragon is his Shambhala Spirit Animal and he’ll certainly be breathing some fiery heat on the Fractal Forest floor this year that it will have you feeling like your feet is never touching the ground. 

Here’s what The Gaff had to say about his #Shambhala2018 Official Mix:

“People generally think of me as Uptempo & Funky…I wanted to slow it down a little to BUMP! I threw a few routines in here from my live shows, And it features a few of my favourite BASS & TRAP remixes of original Soul tunes, from Bill Withers to Niña Simone with a few of my homies pushing the cutting edge of BASS music like Keys N Krates & Pigeon Hole. 

One foot in the past, and one foot in the future, that’s how we walk the earth! This mix will keep you rollin thru summer and for many years to come with its timeless content. Enjoy! Gaff.

What have you heard about Shambhala Music Festival?

Shambs is one of the great meccas of the 21st century! I’m constantly inspired and awed by not just the musicians & organizers, but also the festival goers! 

Are you ready to camp in the BC Wilderness?

I’m ready for anything! If you made me sleep upside down hanging from a tree like a bat, I’d be ready for that.

What will your Shambhala Spirit Animal be?

Born year of the Snake, born in the month of Leo the Lion, and born in America with the Eagle. Put all 3 together and what do you get?
A Chinese Flying Dragon 🐉 😉


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