#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 11: Levrige

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 11
•• Levrige ••

Killer DJ duo Levrige are bringing their upbeat jungle sound to the 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival, and to get you ready to loose your mind on the dancefloor they’ve dropped their Official SMF Mix. The duo have also been busy releasing new music ahead of their set at the Amp Stage, some of which we’ve been lucky enough to get a preview of in their mix. 

This is Levrige‘s first year playing at the festival, after a staggering 18 years combined of attending. For their Official Mix the SMF veterans are dropping tunes from their last two new releases, as well as music from their favourite producers such as Sam Binga, Om Unit, Shades, Ivy Lab and more. If you wern’t already stoked enough, Levrige have also included a few sneak peaks of some unreleased, never heard before beats on the mix, so make sure you listen out for them. 

On top of their mix, Shambhala Music Festival also got to catch up with the duo ahead of their set at the Amp Stage to talk spirit animals, how they will survive the BC wilderness and more. 

So strap in, bump the mix, and get ready for a wild ride at Levridge’s set at #Shambhala2018

What have you heard about Shambhala Music Festival?

We’ve heard it’s one of the craziest parties around. We’ve both witnessed that it’s true as we’ve been there a total of eighteen times combined. This will be our first time performing there together and we are beyond excited about it!

Are you ready to camp in the BC Wilderness?

We are a bit spoiled with our camping setup as we have a Volkswagen Westfalia camper van. Not quite sure how we used to do festivals without it, it’s definitely a huge game changer.

What will your Shambhala Spirit Animal be?

Jenn: Leopard

Andrew: Kinkajou

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