#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 09: Phibes

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 09
•• Phibes ••

Brothers Ryan and Scott Wild have been whipping out bassy beats together as Phibes since 2014. The England natives, heavily drawn toward drum and bass, also dip into a number of other genres including glitch hop, twerk, breaks, reggae and hip hop. Bringing the UK sound and all around good vibes to the dance floor, these two are sure leave a musical mark.

Before they head to the 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival, Phibes linked with us to dish on artist favourites and their wildest festival memories, as well as dropping an exclusive mix to get you ready for their set at The Village Stage. 

Read on to hear their craziest story (it’s a wild ride) and catch these two at #Shambhala2018 as they bring the Phibes!

What are you looking forward to the most at Shambhala Music Festival this year and are there any sets you want to catch?

Scott: Everything, the hype is real. We have been told by so many people we’re going to have the best weekend of our lives. I’m a big fan of Opiuo and Gramatik so it’d be great to watch those guys live finally.

Ryan: There is a lot I want to see. You’ll probs catch me running between stages to try and watch as much as possible. So many friends of ours are playing and there are so many artists we haven’t seen yet so we’re gonna take it all in.

What are your favourite snacks to bring to a festival? And if you were a food vendor at a festival, what kind of food would you make and why?

Scott: There has been a lot of chat about this!

Ryan: Seriously, discussions have been had about a venture into food, since we go to so many festivals. I’m a chef and Scott loves food, so why shouldn’t we start our own food truck?

Scott: It’s gotta be baked potatoes, with a million types of topping. I love potatoes, I’m even starting to partially look like one. I eat that many of them. Also, iced coffees. Nothing gets a festival day started like an iced coffee. Snacks wise, my pro tip, I never leave home without cans of ravioli and mixed fruit. Not together though, that would be gross. Eat responsibly kids.

What is it about drum and bass that you love and keeps you coming back?

Ryan: I’ve been listening to drum and bass forever, innovative sounds, movements and the ever changing new styles and trends within the genre keep me listening and crate digging.  Needless to say, we don’t just create and listen to drum and bass as much as we love it, we have a history in midtempo and love a selection of bass house, breaks, hip-hop etc.

Scott: Agreed, but to be honest it’s not something I decide?  My legs just walk towards drum and bass tents whenever I’m partying. I check out everything, but my legs will eventually take on a mind of their own and start searching for drum and bass.

You’ve been playing shows all around the world this year. What are some of your favorite moments so far?

Scott: Canada obviously! We just got back from Amsterdam, that’s a beautiful city right there. We haven’t been to a lot of places so everything is new to us whenever we go somewhere.

Ryan: Canada! But seriously we love Canada. It’s becoming a home away from home. We have felt so welcome everywhere and the shows have been awesome.

Who are some of your favorite artists in the world of drum and bass right now that we should be listening to?

Ryan:  That, is a big question.

Scott: So big.

Ryan: One could say large.

Scott: Huge even.

Ryan: I’m gonna go with Benny page, Vital, Rahmanne, Canista, Dimension, Brian brainstorm, Serial Killaz, The Force, Leaf, Agro and of course Ed solo  & Deekline are getting in the playlists right now.

Scott: Me too.

Ryan: Nice.

Scott: High five?

Ryan: No.

Scott: Coolzies.

What is your wildest festival memory, whether from playing or attending a festival?

Scott: All of them, our last name follows us around I’m not answering that!

Ryan: Me neither.

Scott: Ok fine, but only because yours are worse. The first time I ever played at a festival was with my first band when I was a teenager and I was excited as f*ck to be backstage, so excited that I drank a few bottles of vodka, borrowed one of the festivals pimped up buggy mobiles and drunkenly drove it around screaming various one liners. I smashed into the back of the organizer’s very expensive car that was parked in front of the main office. Safe to say, I got in deep shit. But since then, I’ve learned my lesson… to let someone else drunkenly drive me around to avoid any blame on me. Also even though it felt like I was going about 60, I was probably doing about 20kph.

Ryan: And when he says smashed, he means bumped and he got in trouble because he threw up on his windscreen. The End.

Scott: High Five?

Ryan:  No.

Scott: But it’s the end.

Ryan: Still no.

Scott: THE END.

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