#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 08: Z-Trip

#Shambhala2018 Official Mix Series 08
•• Z-Trip ••

As an award-winning DJ and producer, Z-Trip has continued to make great contributions to the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music throughout the 21st century. He is known for elaborate mashups and his unique approach to spinning vinyl, and he was voted America’s Best DJ in 2009 by DJ Times Magazine.

Z-Trip’s extensive list of musical accomplishments has also earned him a place as a top name in music production, and he has worked on remixes and collaborations with the likes of LL Cool J, Bassnectar, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys and many more.

Before his return to the 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival, we caught up with Z-Trip to talk spirit animals, summoning rain, and upcoming projects. We were also able to lock in an exclusive mix from the man himself to get you prepared for his set at Fractal Forest this year. So strap in, bump the mix, and get ready for the 21st Annual Shambhala Music Festival

*Please note that this is a live set from The Village Stage.

What are some of your wildest and most vivid memories from playing and hanging out at Shambhala in the past?

I would say there’s two memories that stand out and they are tied to each other. Last year, I had two sets on two separate stages. I decided to connect my sets with two different spirit animals. In the Forest it was the ELPHNT set, and in the Village it was the WOLF set. Word around the festival was that wildfires were closing in on the festival and that the last day, and my second set, wouldn’t happen.

So I got on the mic and said this set was our official Rain Dance. At the end, I dropped one more tune and asked everyone to sit down for the whole thing. They did, we all sat and just LISTENED to the song, it was an amazing vibe. I was blown away! That night after everyone said their goodbyes, it RAINED!!! We got the next day back!  That next night in the Village I finished my set and thanked Mother Nature for giving us one more day by putting the fires out. I dropped my last song “Feel The Love” and it started raining right at that moment! It was surreal. I’ve never felt like that during a set.

What are a few things on your rider? What are a few things you’d put on your dream rider, no matter how ridiculous or extravagant?

I always ask for sterile hand wipes and breath mints. I know those are very insignificant to most people, but besides the standard rider stuff those two things save the day, always. The breath mints are for when I meet people after my set. I try my hardest to not be totally offensive by being so sweaty and all, the least I could do is make sure my breath doesn’t stink, LOL. The hand wipes are for when you get on airplanes. It’s super important to wipe down the tray tables in your seat, you never know what’s been there before you and they NEVER clean ‘em. I once sat next to an air marshal who told me he got a staph infection from one of those tables. Because of the heavy amount of traveling I do, after I heard that story, I made it a point to keep my travel environment as clean as possible.

You’ve witnessed all kinds of new technology and equipment enter the music world over the world. What are some of your favorite pieces of equipment right now?

I’m really feeling the new Rane 72 mixer. I had a hand in developing that, so it’s great to be able to use something you’ve dreamt up. I also think Phase is really next level for people using turntables. The Rane 12s are also cool for outdoor festival type shows.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from another artist, and how did that impact your career?

I forget which artist said this but it was on a highlight reel from one of the festivals I did for Insomniac. They asked all of us our best advice and one of the artists said something to the effect of “use the bathroom not when you need to, but when you can”. That’s great travel advice.

What are you most excited about right now both in your life and as an artist, and what can we expect from you next?

I have 3 projects that are in various states of being released soon. They are all so different. Have a few colabs in the works too. Excited about all of that. Also extremely grateful for having the right people around me and a fan base that allows me to stretch out and do different things at will. Excited to continue building the posse and sharing the music and vibes.

Now to close things out we have a difficult question for you. What’s your favorite stage at Shambhala and why?

It’s hard to pick favorites, I love ‘em all for such different reasons. I would have to say The Living Room is the one I’m the most fascinated with though. I love the vibe and the groove, the location, the fact that it’s like the welcome mat for the whole festival. I really connect with that. I have yet to play that stage, but I feel like it would be an amazing set. I definitely have a spirit animal inside wanting to come out for that.

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