Shambhala Festival Fashion 

Since its beginning, Shambhala Music Festival has been a free and welcoming breeding ground for our Shambhalovelies to explore their creativity and express their true identities through their festival fashion. We’re continuously inspired by the incredible thought, time and energy we see being dedicated to the variety of creative looks that emerge on the Salmo River Ranch. As we start gearing up for our return home to Shambhala 2018 and our Shambhaloves are hard at work putting together this year’s outfits, we want to take a look back at some of our favourite looks from years past to share the inspiration. 

Festival Fairies

These stunning creatures decorated head to toe in the most beautiful flowers, glitter and lace bring a soft and delicate glow to our festival grounds, spreading love and kindness for others and our earth wherever they go. 

Photo by: Inna Shnayder


Kandi Kids

Taking it back to the early raver days, these kandi kids spend months making custom bracelets, masks and pearlers to spread PLUR through the festival by gifting their colourful creations to new friends. They can often be seen wearing bracelets and cuffs spanning the length of both arms and furry animal and creature-like hoods.  

Photo by: Ricardo Hubbs


Masked Marvels

Concealed by an array of jewels, sequins, lace and glitter, these masked marvels take on their new (or true) identities inspired by fairytale creatures and comic book characters.

Photo by: Matt Love


Creative Creatures 

The creatures of Shambhala spend four days and nights lighting up the dance floor with their bright colours and turning heads with their exotic and extravagant headpieces. 

Photo by: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Furry Farmily

These fantastic furry friends roam deep through the forests of Shambhala, slurping freshly squeezed lemonade and wiggling their tails to heavy bass under beams of dazzling lasers.

Photo by: Inna Shnayder


What will your festival fashion be this year? What are some of your favourite looks from years past? We’re excited to see what our beautiful Shambhalovelies bring home to the farm this year!

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